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What Voter Fraud Problem: NY Investigators Obtain Fraudulent Ballots 97% of the Time

Written By : Duane Lester
January 1, 2014

Do you know why Democrats keep saying there’s no voter fraud problems?  It’s two-fold.  First, they don’t want people looking into it and second, it’s really no problem to commit voter fraud.  For example:



New York City’s Department of Investigation (DOI) has just shown how easy it is to commit voter fraud that is almost undetectable. Its undercover agents were able to obtain ballots for city elections a total of 61 times — 39 times using the names of dead people, 14 times using the names of incarcerated felons, and eight times using the names of non-residents. On only two occasions, or about 3 percent of the time, were the agents stopped by polling-place officials. In one of the two cases, an investigator was stopped only because the felon he was trying to vote in the name of was the son of the election official he was dealing with.

How sneaky were they?

A 24 year old woman was able to get the ballot of a woman born in 1923…and died in 2012.

That’s just sloppy.

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