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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Friday, August 22, 2014
Mother Charged With Child Endangerment For Allowing A Man To Impregnate 11-Year-Old Daughter — Ashley Herzog
Teen Sentenced To 11 Years In Prison For Carving A SWASTIKA Into Best Friend’s Forehead And Forcing Him To Eat Cat Feces — Ashley Herzog
American Muslim on Trial for Child Rape Thinks He Deserves $2 Million Dollars — Ashley Herzog
This Cute Baby Animal has Become an Internet Sensation… Can You Guess What it is? — Cassy Fiano
Top Psychiatrist Paul McHugh Dares to Remind Us: Transgenderism Is a Mental Disorder, Sex Change Is Biologically Impossible — Dave Blount
State Department Claims Islamic State Murder of American Has Nothing to Do With America, Does Not Reflect Badly on Islam — Dave Blount
Obamabot Has to Go to the Hospital After Her Life-Sized Obama Statue is Stolen — Cassy Fiano
Report: Special Forces Rescue Attempt of James Foley Failed Because Obama Kept Dragging His Feet — Cassy Fiano
Breaking: Israel Wipes Out Top Three Terrorist Leaders, and Here’s the Video — Cassy Fiano
Former CIA Officer: ‘A Lot of Communication’ Between ISIS and Mexican Cartels — Cassy Fiano
That ISIS Guy Who Promised to Raise an Islamic State Flag Over the White House? He’s Dead. — Cassy Fiano
Athiest Group Really Upset By Pizza Parlor’s Church Discount — William Teach
CNN Source Claims Officer Wilson Does Not Have Broken Eye Socket — William Teach
Witness intimidation of Ferguson witnesses to Michael Brown? — Samuel Gonzalez
Liberals FURIOUS That Christian Doctor Publicly Thanked God After Being Healed of Ebola — John Hawkins
ISIS Coexist (Cartoon) — Rick McKee
LOCAL IL Starting blocks (Cartoon) — Eric Allie
Common Core Critics (Cartoon) — Nate Beeler
Just Wrong (Cartoon) — A.F. Branco
Thursday, August 21, 2014
Three Year Old Toddler Neglected So Badly In House Of Feces That She Was ‘Unable To Walk’ — Ashley Herzog
These boaters were stunned when they saw a giant grouper eat a shark in one bite — Tiffiny Ruegner
British Mother of 8 Says She’ll Have More Kids To Get Government Benefits — Ashley Herzog
‘We will drown all of you in blood’ Islamic State post chilling video in threat to the US — Tiffiny Ruegner
BREAKING: “ISIS IS HERE” Islamic Flag Flies in Ferguson (VIDEO) — Tiffiny Ruegner
After a Heart-Breaking Loss, This Little League Coach Delivered an Inspirational Speech for the Ages — Ashley Herzog
Intellectual Froglegs with Joe Dan Gorman — Joe Dan Gorman
Obama Knew Isis Was Going to Behead James Foley as He Partied and Golfed — Cassy Fiano
Big Government Punishes Family Farm for Refusing to Stage Elaborate Gay Marriage Celebration — Dave Blount
Key Ferguson Witness Dorian Johnson Previously Pled Guilty to Filing False Police Report — Dave Blount
LOOTING TOURISM: Report: “Large Number” Of Arrested Ferguson Protesters From Illinois & Texas — Cassy Fiano
How Trey Gowdy Reacts to the Ice Bucket Challenge Will Make You Think He Has Ice Water Running Through His Veins — Cassy Fiano
People Who Work Less Hours Get Paid Less, So, Obviously, This Is Sexist — William Teach
Eric Holder Stokes Flames Of Racial Animosity In Ferguson — William Teach
DOESN’T CARE: Obama rushes to play golf after making statement about beheading of U.S. citizen in Iraq — Samuel Gonzalez
Mob in Ferguson Throws Bottles, Attacks Darren Wilson Supporters (With Video) — John Hawkins
Boy, 8-yrs TORTURED: Parents ‘force son to eat vomit, cat feces & doused in pepper spray before beating him to death’ — Tiffiny Ruegner
Prosecutor: Dad ‘executed’ the drunk driver who killed his sons 11 & 12 yrs in a tragic crash. — Tiffiny Ruegner
Job Killer In Chief (Cartoon) — A.F. Branco
ISIS Execution (Cartoon) — Nate Beeler
Wednesday, August 20, 2014
Man can’t get refund thousands he paid in child support despite DNA proving he’s NOT father — Tiffiny Ruegner
Ferguson, another lesson on how to be authentically Black — Samuel Gonzalez
Illegal alien who killed two young girls when she drove through a pile of leaves they were playing in avoids deportation — Cassy Fiano
Rick Perry Issues Powerful Statement About Mother of Murdered Border Patrol Agent (Video) — Cassy Fiano
Ferguson Forensic Pathologist Exposed as Fraud — Dave Blount
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon Panders to Lawless Mob, Calls for “Vigorous Prosecution” of Darren Wilson — Dave Blount
Black Minister Goes on Epic Rant Against Al Sharpton for Race Baiting (Video) — Cassy Fiano
Student Says “Bless You” After Classmate Sneezes, Ends Up In School Suspension — Duane Lester
Muslims in Florida Rally for Peace…Just Kidding, They Totally Support Hezbollah Terrorists (Video) — Duane Lester
Sad: Ferguson Looter “Proud of Us” Because “We Deserve This” — Duane Lester
August 19 Is Now Earth Overshoot Day Or Something — William Teach
Eric Holder Has A Message For The People Of Ferguson — William Teach
ISIS Terrorists In Iraq BEHEAD AMERICAN CITIZEN (W/ Video) — John Hawkins
How is Rick Perry Handling A Phony Indictment? He Took This AWESOME Mug Shot And Then WENT FOR ICE CREAM — John Hawkins
If Spike Lee Says, “There Is a War on the Black Male,” Who’s Waging It? — John Hawkins
Ferguson Keystone Cops (Cartoon) — Rick McKee
Ferguson Rioting (Cartoon) — Gary McCoy
ISIS Amateurs (Cartoon) — A.F. Branco
Ferguson Provocateurs (Cartoon) — Nate Beeler
Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Harvard Law Professor: Perry Indictment is “What Happens In Totalitarian Societies” (Video) — Duane Lester
Man, 24, accused of killing four people house robbery fights the death penalty & wants permission to get married in jail — Tiffiny Ruegner
Citing Normalized Relations, Obama Lifts Ban on Libyans From US Flight Schools and Nuke Studies — Duane Lester
Amish father says he feels SORRY for the couple ‘who kidnapped and sexually abused his two young daughters’ ages 7 & 12 yrs. — Tiffiny Ruegner
UN Head Issues Letter, Says Police Must “Exercise Restraint” When Dealing With Looters in Ferguson — Duane Lester
Woman has sex with animals and then tries to POISON their owner when she catches her — Tiffiny Ruegner
Note the Difference Between Bundy Ranch Protest and Ferguson Riots — Warner Todd Huston
Crime and Character in New York and Phoenix — Dave Blount
Officer Darren Wilson Suffered “Orbital Blowout Fracture to Eye Socket” During Mike Brown’s Attack On Him — Dave Blount
Is There a Sociopath in the White House? — Cassy Fiano
Nanny State: Mom Arrested For Swearing in Front of Her Kids — Cassy Fiano
Kurds Sending All-Female Units to Battle ISIS Because Jihadists Think If They’re Killed by a Woman They Won’t Go to Heaven — Cassy Fiano
Salon: Say, Those Obamacare Court Rulings Could Be Dangerous To Ocare — William Teach
Over A Dozen Witnesses Back Ferguson Police Officer’s Account — William Teach
BLOCKBUSTER REPORT: A Dozen Witnesses Have Corroborated Officer Darren Wilson’s Version of Ferguson Shooting — John Hawkins
LOCAL OH – Flying FitzGerald (Cartoon) — Nate Beeler
Catch and Release (Cartoon) — A.F. Branco
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Ferguson Missouri: What About OUR CIVIL RIGHTS???

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