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Monday, July 28, 2014

Sunday, July 27, 2014
GUILTY PLEA: Convicted Sex Offender slammed 9-month baby against a wall, killing her to cover up raping her — Ashley Herzog
Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Sets Teen Girl’s Bed on Fire After Overheating — Ashley Herzog
Colorado Atty. General to Investigate Planned Parenthood Videos Coaching Young Girls in BDSM — Ashley Herzog
Australian Citizen Turned Syrian Terrorist Poses With Heads of ‘Infidels’–Jokes of ‘Bucket Full of Heads’ — Warner Todd Huston
Wrestling Champion Uses Wrestling Moves to Subdue and Capture Criminals — Warner Todd Huston
Chicago Dem. Congressman Says He and Obama Will Give Amnesty to 5 Million Illegals — Warner Todd Huston
Brainiacs at NY Times call for the complete repeal of all Marijuana Laws — Samuel Gonzalez
When It Comes To Marijuana, The NY Times Is Suddenly A States’ Rights Advocate — William Teach
Books Which Might Be Critical of her Should Not Be Allowed Says Team Hillary — Katie McGuire
Maryland Homeless Man Murdered by Six MS13 Illegal Aliens — Katie McGuire
Girl, 4, And Toddler Brother Found Wandering Alone Near a Busy Road, and Neglectful Parents “Don’t See What the Fuss is About” — Ashley Herzog
Vet Told to Stop Building Furniture for Needy Military Families by Nevada Home Owners Association — Katie McGuire
Kerry’s Diplomacy (Cartoon) — Gary McCoy
Saturday, July 26, 2014
Ohio Woman Gets 32 Years For Enslaving Disabled Woman and Tormenting Her With Python — Ashley Herzog
Military Bans Troops From Being Honored By Vacation Bible School Over Fears People Would Be “Offended” — Ashley Herzog
The End Of Immigration Enforcement In America — Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Next stop on slippery slope: Incest: Dr. Michael Brown warns Progressives push to “normalize” Incest — Samuel Gonzalez
Ohio Sheriff Sends a Bill to Mexican President for Cost of Illegals in Jail — Warner Todd Huston
Democrat Says Americans Have No Right to Know What’s Going on In Government — Warner Todd Huston
ACLU To Sue Cities That Refuse to Take Illegals — Warner Todd Huston
Media earns bias label with slanted coverage Gaza conflict — Samuel Gonzalez
Dem Eleanor Holmes Norton: ‘You Don’t Have a Right to Know Everything’ Government Does — William Teach
Obama Weekly Address: Companies Which Flee High Taxes Are Un-patriotic — William Teach
Happy Ending (Cartoon) — Gary McCoy
Israeli Restraint (Cartoon) — A.F. Branco
Friday, July 25, 2014
La Raza Leader Says Chants of “USA! USA!” Made Her Sick — Duane Lester
Illegals Comprise 10 Percent of “Several” School Districts in New York As They Brace for Thousands More — Ashley Herzog
California Issues Arrest Warrant For Possible Illegal Alien With Drug-Resistant Strain Of Tuberculosis — Duane Lester
Hero Doctor Stops Patient’s Shooting Rampage With His Own Gun — Ashley Herzog
Unreal: Obama Considering Flying Immigrants From Honduras Straight To The U.S. So They Don’t Have To Sneak Over Border — Duane Lester
Mother of Four Decapitated After Dispute Over Rent; Body Parts Scattered Across Two Counties — Ashley Herzog
MMA Fighter Who Killed Armed Intruder, Injured Another, and Scared Off Two More in Home Invasion Gone Wrong Will Not Be Charged With a Crime — Cassy Fiano
Awesome: Republican Maine Governor LePage Will Make “Able-Bodied” Welfare Recipients Work For Their Food Stamps — Cassy Fiano
What Sympathy is Deserved for the ‘Palestinians’? — Warner Todd Huston
Stickup Thug Sues Employees and Cops for Ending His Crime Spree — Dave Blount
Obama Administration Proposes Flying Invaders Up from Central America — Dave Blount
Mexico Complains That Texas is Sending National Guard Troops to the Border — Cassy Fiano
NY Times Writes Nuanced Editorial, Putting More Burden On Israel — William Teach
Behind The Scenes Of A Modern Dictator — William Teach
Obamacare Subsidies (Cartoon) — Rick McKee
LOCAL IL Durbin and Business (Cartoon) — Eric Allie
NewsBusted 7/25/14 — Newsbusted
Leadership in Motion (Cartoon) — A.F. Branco
Thursday, July 24, 2014
Obama Says America Needs Collectivist “New Order” Based on “A Sense of Common Humanity” — Duane Lester
More Than A Thousand French Jews Have Moved To Israel In Past 10 Days, Most Fleeing Violent Anti-Semitic Attacks — Duane Lester
Family of Slain Omaha 93 Year-Old: “…my grandmother would be still alive if our borders were secured.” — Duane Lester
— Samuel Gonzalez
Kitsap County Prosecutor’s Forum: Three Vie to Replace Gun-Grabbing Democratic Prosecutor Russ Hauge — Rachel Alexander
The FEC Embraces Fascism – Implements Conservative Book Banning — Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Rashid Polo, Righteous Young Crusader Against Storekeepers Who Don’t Like Being Robbed — Dave Blount
Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Calls Constitution “Flawed” — Dave Blount
Father SMIRKS while sentenced to 18 yrs for fatally beating 2-yr-old daughter he hoped to ‘turn her gay’ to ‘avoid men like him’ — Tiffiny Ruegner
Starving 10-year-old boy ate own feces out of desperation, weighed 60 lbs when he died, Stepmother dumped emaciated body in the woods — Tiffiny Ruegner
Poll Finds Less Than 6% of Parents Think Michelle Obama’s School Lunches are Healthy — Cassy Fiano
New York Times’ Egan Shows Vast Ignorance of Religion, the Founders and the Constitution — Warner Todd Huston
Study Finds Socialists Are Twice As Likely to Cheat; Ideology Has a ‘Lasting Impact on Morality’ — Cassy Fiano
Boy, 4, banned from local doughnut shop by owner after mistakenly asking a customer if she has a baby in her belly — Tiffiny Ruegner
Woman in Labor ‘Not Allowed’ to Cross Street to Hospital Because of Obama’s Impending Motorcade (Video) — Cassy Fiano
Whoa! Washington Post Blames Hamas For Current Fighting — William Teach
Woman Denied Reproductive Health Thanks To Obama L.A. Visit — William Teach
Obama Golfs (Cartoon) — Rick McKee
Veteran Bypass (Cartoon) — A.F. Branco
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