$175 Insurance For A Student Who Could Have Gotten It For $45? Great Job, Obamacare!

The media has been doting on Chad Henderson, a student who has signed up for Obamacare. Of course, most of the articles don’t mention that this young student singing the praises of Obamacare is the the President of “Walker County Young Democrats” and volunteers for Obama’s “Organizing For America.” In any case, he didn’t get such a great deal.


American media outlets were finally able to track down a mythical creature – a person who actually signed up for the Obamacare exchanges online.

But that person, Chad Henderson, admitted to the Washington Post that the premium for the plan he enrolled in was $175. Ouch! Wasn’t Obamacare supposed to lower premiums?

Henderson’s going to pay a $175 premium and he won’t even receive vision or dental insurance. He has contacts, so not having vision insurance is kind of a bum deal.

Henderson, as far as we know a healthy, 21-year-old college student at Chattanooga State Community College who lives in Flintstone, Ga., and works part-time at a day-care center, did not qualify for tax credits to purchase insurance, according to the Post.

Without Obamacare, Henderson could have received health insurance for as little as $44.72 on eHealthInsurance.com, according to Michael F. Cannon of the Cato Institute.

“I can’t yet say whether Chad’s $175 premium is the lowest-cost plan available to him through the Obamacare Exchange,” Cannon said. “[I’m in the process of researching that, and it’ll probably take a few hours.] But it’s probably close.”

Thanks to Obamacare’s community-rating price controls that take effect in 2014, Henderson’s cheapest plan option on eHealthInsurance jumped up to $190.23.

So, he had an almost 300% increase in the cost of his monthly premiums? Health care is already expensive; so how many Americans can afford to pay three times as much to get covered? How much income can most Americans afford to flush down the toilet just to feed Barack Obama’s ego?

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