John McCain: “I Don’t Understand” Filibustering Gun Control

For awhile after he was defeated in 2008, a bitter John McCain fought back against the man who beat him. But today, Barack Obama doesn’t have a better friend on the Republican side of the aisle than John McCain. McCain is betraying conservatives by working to make amnesty a reality, he supported Obama’s unpopular drone policy and now he’s opposing a filibuster of gun control.

On FACE THE NATION yesterday, McCain said he was open to voting for background checks on guns, which could very well lead to a government gun registry. If the government wanted to confiscate handguns, that would be the first crucial step in that direction.


McCain also added, when he was asked whether he agreed with Republicans like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, who’ve pledged to filibuster gun control.

“I don’t understand it. The purpose of the United States Senate is to debate and to vote and to let the people know where we stand.”

There are a lot of things McCain doesn’t understand. That’s why he lost to Barack Obama, that’s why his approach to politics is killing the Republican Party and that’s why he’s out of touch with what conservatives want.

Setting aside the fact our Second Amendment rights are at stake, there may not be a single Republican in America who is going to lose his seat for fighting against gun control. On the other hand, there are a lot of Democrats whose political careers could go down in flames over the issue.

So, is filibustering gun control legislation the right thing to do? Yes. Is it politically smart to make sure that the GOP is known as the pro-gun party while the Democrats are the party of gun grabbers? You bet it is.

Is it stupid to put our Second Amendment rights at risk and antagonize the GOP base to support legislation that will only hurt the Republican Party if we back it? Yes, it certainly is. That’s John McCain’s very particular style of stupid and it’s why he has been such a disaster for the GOP and the country.

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