Rand Paul: Democrats Should Be “Embarrassed” To Be Seen With Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton cheated on his wife a gazillion times, screwed an intern, was accused of rape and was impeached in the House. He is a disgrace.

bill and Hillary clinton

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., thinks Democrats should be embarrassed to be seen with former President Clinton because of his history of mistreating women.

“It’s really an issue about whether or not you want him as a role model or you want him as a leader in your party,” Paul said on Fox News on Tuesday, citing Clinton’s personal history.

Paul suggested that Alison Lundergan Grimes, Sen. Mitch McConnell’s Democratic challenger for the Senate, should not have campaigned with Clinton in Kentucky on Tuesday or allowed him to raise money for her.

“I would return any money that was associated with Bill Clinton because I think he’s a bad role model for the workplace, for women’s rights, for all of that; and I think really, frankly, I think that they should be a little embarrassed to be associated or to be seen with him,” he said.

When it comes to strategy, a lot of Republicans in D.C. play Checkers…badly. Rand Paul is playing chess here.

The “strategists” who couldn’t strategize their way out of a paper bag say, “It’s a waste of time to attack Bill Clinton! People aren’t going to refuse to vote for Hillary because of it.”

For the most part, true.

However — if Hillary is the nominee, what are we going to hear over and over again? Some variation of “Women should all vote for me because I’m a woman and Republicans are waging a ‘war on women.'” What Rand Paul is doing is preemptively countering that. He’s essentially saying, “War on women? Your husband IS THE WAR ON WOMEN.”

This is the sort of thing John McCain and Mitt Romney could never do because let’s face it, they’re both pretty awful politicians. Like him or not, Rand Paul is smarter and more strategic than either of those guys and his attacks on Bill Clinton will turn out to be extremely useful if Hillary is the nominee.

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