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Obama Won… Don’t Complain

Written By : Bob Parks
November 18, 2012

Obamas victory means four more years with no hope or change.


When I think about what the future offers, it reminds me of the last thing I said during my closing remarks at a 2008 debate for state representative in Massachusetts. I said: If you like the way things are, vote for the incumbent and dont complain.

Liberals, you got what you wanted and theres no doubt that Obamas friends in the media properly informed you.

Gloat and dont complain.

When you continue to have problems finding a job, and the government begins to run out of money to support the jobless, dont complain.

As college degrees become even more worthless while student loans bills hit the mailboxes, dont complain.

As we finally start to see whats really going on at the post-Hurricane Sandy eastern seaboard, dont complain.

Israel, I dont know what to tell you.

When manufacturers start laying off union workers because so few people will have the disposable income to buy what they make, dont complain.

When gas prices start to go back up because the oil cartels realize our drilling moratoriums will remain in place for at least another four years, dont complain.

Should we have more tragic examples of workplace violence such as what happened at Fort Hood, dont complain.

When more American embassies become terror targets and more American YouTube video creators are blamed, arrested and jailed despite our First Amendment, dont complain.

When parents have to start telling their kids not to keep cellphones on the chargers as much because utility costs are rising due to closing power plants, dont complain.

When single women have trouble finding eligible, working men to use that free birth control on, dont complain.

When our health care system begins to resemble that of England (and, eventually, Cuba), dont complain.

When illegal immigrants and radical religious elements are pandered to and the law abiding are forced to live with the failed changes they demanded, dont complain.

And when the 47 percent becomes 50 percent or higher within the next few years when the takers outnumber the makers and they demand higher taxes to support them, dont complain.

Look forward to an empowered TSA, EPA and IRS and dont complain.

As for Republicans, if their party intelligentsia continues to seek out candidates they believe will appeal more to liberals and moderates than to its base, dont complain.

While running for Massachusetts Republican Party chairman in 2007, I ran into many in the loyal Romney machine who were in my face challenging my assertion that you could have all the money in the world but still couldnt win without a message. Mitt Romney had all the money needed but he let the Obama campaign define him.

And the Romney campaign absorbed those that did not learn that lesson from 2008. Those same people will likely go on to do the same thing in 2016.

In 2008, they said that those who support clearly failed leadership need to experience living in the dumpster water so theyll finally see the clear difference in ideological directions.

Thats already happening in New York City. Liberals will have to live in it for four more years.

Dont complain.

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