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What Say To A Dip In The Frigid Atlantic To “Fight Climate Change”?

Written By : William Teach
December 31, 2013

Why yes, yes, these people are bat guano insane


(WCSH) Mainers are jumping into the frigid ocean to raise money to support the state’s largest environmental advocacy group’s fight against climate change.

The Natural Resources Council of Maine is holding a 5-kilometer race on Tuesday at 11 a.m., followed by a cold-water ocean plunge at Portland’s East End Beach at noon.

The group says about 200 Mainers are expected to attend. It’s encouraging participants to wear polar bear costumes and will be handing out prizes for the best ones.

The water temperature per NOAA for Portland is a balmy 42.3 at the time of posting. Other sources have it as low as 38. Either way, we’re right at average. Nothing says “spreading awareness of climate change” like a bunch of people freezing their, well, everything off.

ABC News notes what happens to the human body during a “polar bear dip”. Apparently the very notion of doing a plunge causes people to link it to stupid notions like “climate change”.

* Photo from the Niagara Falls Review about a different plunge.

Crossed at Pirate’s Cove. Follow me on Twitter @WilliamTeach.

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