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Jenna Jameson Speaks Her Mind, Proggies Attack

Written By : Matt Vespa
August 5, 2012


Jenna Jamesone, former adult entertainer and successful businesswoman, tweeted that Bush didn’t destroy her industry, which prompted  vicious proggie attacks.  Shaneth Varosa, in a particularly vile tweet, mocked Jameson and “her  ridiculously loose c**t thinking it’s opinions are worth something. F**king kill yourself.” Stay classy Shaneth.  In fact, this just proves, as Breitbart did consistently, the false narrative of the left’s innate tolerance.

Furthermore, given that Shaneth has over 17,000 tweets and less than 400 followers, it appears no one cares much for his opinion either.


I wonder why?  I’m just guessing when you use sexist/misogynist terms against people you disagree with, folks don’t listen.  Can you blame them?

All of this was well documented by Twitchy


However, some weren’t so open-minded.


We may not all agree with Ms. Jameson’s former career, but she has built a successful business (she’s in the 1% folks).  She is the example of what free markets and capitalism can yield with hard work.  Yes, capitalism is an amoral economic philosophy.  If you cannot  accept that, you’re not a pure capitalist.  She knew her market and she deserves the right to speak her mind on the issues. She’s mainstream folks!  Furthermore, she’s right!

(H/T Twitchy)

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