White House Goes Squishy On Keystone XL Deadline

This is the most simple of things: approve or disapprove the Keystone XL pipeline. Obama put off any decision for the politics of the 2012 elections. Report after report, including the most recent one, give a thumbs up to the pipeline. So why not just make a decision?

(The Hill) White House press secretary Jay Carney attempted to sideline any noise that President Obama would establish a hard deadline for his decision on the Keystone XL pipeline Thursday.

“Our position on that process hasn’t changed, which is that it needs to run its appropriate course without interference from the White House or Congress,” Carney said to reporters. “It was because of actions taken by Republicans in Congress that one delay was caused in the process already.”

“So that review continues at the State Department, where it’s housed in accordance with past practice of previous administrations of both parties. And when there’s a decision to be announced, it will be announced,” Carney said.

What they are attempting to do is two-fold. First, they are trying to hold off and play it in the middle, neither ticking off nor pleasing either side, being the unhinged Warmist nutballs protesting Keystone XL (many by taking fossil fueled travel to the protests) and the smart people who know the pipeline is good for the economy. Oh, and just one of many, because other pipelines are being built.

Second, Warmist Barack Obama, along with hyper-Warmist John Kerry, both of who take lots and lots of fossil fueled trips, are desperately looking for a reason to disapprove the pipeline along globull warming lines, despite every report and study saying “nope!”

Oh, and then there’s the whole thing about Obama being a terrible leader and unable to make good decisions. And it would be work that interferes with campaigning and all the fun parts of the job.

Eleven Democrats, many of them who are under threat to lose their seats during the mid-terms, sent a letter to Obama telling him to set a hard deadline. Good luck with that. The politics, er, process, has to run its course. Because 5 years isn’t long enough to make a decision despite every study being in favor of the pipeline.

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