Obama To Continue His Finger Wagging Tour On Gun Control In Denver

Did you catch (NMP) Obama’s finger wagging speech yesterday? Here’s Allahpundit

Textbook O. First, almost obligatorily, the speech is built on the assumption that his opponents are callous to the point of malignancy. Read the transcript and you’ll see that he’s all but given up arguing policy on this; it’s a straight-up, 13-minute-long guilt trip, essentially the same point Jim Carrey made the other day but with less colorful language. If you disagree with him, it’s because you’ve “forgotten those kids.” Second, leave it to O to try to revive momentum for gun control with yet another speech after he spent weeks trying and failing to build durable momentum for it by, er, making speeches. All I could think of while watching was “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan,” which he repeated several thousand times during 2009 and which, as you know, helped make ObamaCare the fantastically popular program it is today.

I had actually picked up the remote to change the channel after a few minutes of the same old same old when Fox switched away. Interestingly, O is still surrounded by people tasked with protecting him who carry scary looking guns with big magazines, something he would prefer that the citizens not have. Anyhow

President Obama will continue his push for gun-control measures during a visit next Wednesday to Denver, where the White House hopes to spotlight new state gun laws.

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed legislation last week banning high-capacity magazines and requiring background checks for all gun purchases, effectively closing the so-called gun-show loophole.

During the visit, Obama will “continue to ask the American people to join him in calling on Congress to pass common-sense measures to reduce gun violence,” deputy press secretary Josh Earnest said.

(PINO) Obama mentioned the discredited and false 40% have no background checks meme. I’m sure he’ll try it again as he wags his finger and says “do it for the children”, yet, nothing that he proposes or was passed in Colorado will actually deter criminals. One of his big points in between the guilt trip (surrounded by human shields) is to push legislation that makes it more difficult for people with mental issues to be denied a gun permit. Yet, these people have violated no law. Obama would deny them a handgun permit (which is what is being discussed, unless O and company want to push for background checks on all gun purchases) without due process, as well as violate their privacy.

Perhaps O should task his own employees to enforce existing law, and ask people like mayors involved in Mayors Against Gun Violence to prosecute the law.

BTW, for the people of Denver who think O really cares about them? Yeah, not so much, he surely picked Denver as a way to get the taxpayer to pick up most of the tab for his fundraising trip to California.

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