Prosperity Is Driving Climate Change, Per UN Report

Being a rich country is considered bad, as is living a modern lifestyle

(Daily Caller) Growing global economies through expanded trade between rich and poor countries is driving global warming, according to a draft report from the United Nation’s climate bureaucracy. The international agency said that rich countries are “outsourcing” carbon dioxide emissions to poor countries through increasing international trade.

The draft report, obtained by the U.K.’s Guardian, argues that these “outsourced” emissions come “in the form of electronic devices such as smartphones, cheap clothes and other goods manufactured in China and other rising economies but consumed in the U.S. and Europe.”

Nothing is better for lifting people out of poverty than cheap, abundant energy. A warmer climate is much better for health and living conditions than a cool one. But, the Warmists at the UN, who spend lots of time taking fossil fueled flights around the world while living it up on the taxpayer funded credit card, eating fancy meals, dressing in expensive clothes, driving nice cars, staying at nice hotels, tell us that prosperity is Bad.

The U.N. draft report warned that “emissions of carbon dioxide and the other greenhouse gases are warming the planet grew twice as fast in the first decade of the 21st century as they did during the previous three decades,” reports The Guardian.

Strange, because there has been no statistically significant warming since 1998, and no warming at all this century. In fact, some show a tiny (what would also be considered, in honesty, statistically insignificant) decrease in the global temperature.

“If we are just looking at our national inventory to understand the emissions trends, it is just not telling the full picture of our impacts,” Cynthia Cummis, a climate policy expert at the World Resources Institute, told The Guardian. “We need to understand the full life cycle of all the goods and services that we are purchasing and selling.”

“The consumers that are importing those goods have some responsibility for those goods that are happening outside of our boundaries,” Cummis added.

There you go, Warmists: stop buying anything not made locally. Give up your smartphone, electronics, clothes, and anything else made in China and other companies.

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