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Wisconsin rules the world, “How Many Pushups can You Do” edition:

Written By : TrogloPundit
August 18, 2012

Judging from the number of Paul Ryan shirtless hits Im still getting this week, Congressman Paul Ryans physique and workout ethic are still a hot topic of webversation:


The Wisconsin congressman is an avid fitness buff whose toned, lean body is chiseled by P90X routines among the toughest of workouts, health experts tell USA TODAY.

“It’s really the higher end of programs,” says Tim Church, director of preventive medicine at Lousiana State University’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge. “It’s good to see that he knows how to take care of himself, especially if there’s a chance he could be president down the road.

Oh, did I put that emphasis on the wrong sentence? Oops.

The point is: Ryans in really good shape, and people are noticing.

But Ryans not the only Wisconsin politician whos in better shape than you! Check out Wisconsin’s 70-year-old Senate nominee, former Governor Tommy Thompson:

Fifty pushups. And sure, I know, they werent great pushups. But they werent the worst ones, either. Lets see you do it.

And let the Tommy Thompson shirtless google bombbegin!

Yeah, I said it: Tommy Thompson shirtless. Youre welcome, internet!

(Posted by The TrogloPundit.)

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