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Why is the Justin Ross Harris child left in hot car death a national story? Is it because he’s a White Southerner?

Written By : Samuel Gonzalez
July 9, 2014

Last week Florida mother Inakesha Armou r, who is Black tried to kill her own child by drowning him.  It was the second time she tried to kill her babyher first attempt she tried killergiving him an overdose of cough medicine.



Her story didnt go national.

Today a 15month old boy left in a hot car, alone, died. Its a tragedy thats very common. So much so that in the past five years 151 children have died as a result of being left alone in a sweltering automobile. Thats roughly an average of 32 deaths a year or two a month.


So why is the case in Georgia being treated as if its a unique incident? My suspicion is that its all about a media template that is critical of Southern White males being the cause of all trouble going on in this country as far as the Leftist media is concerned.  Justin Ross Harris may or may not have committed murder. Thats up for a jury to decide. But, the attention hes getting is very telling and a agenda-driven media is out for their pound of flesh for a very common crime.

Kid andCars.Org

Fact Sheet


Below is a summary of the information has been gathering for over a decade.
- Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2014:  16
- Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2013:  44
- Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2012:  33
- Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2011 : 33
- Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2010:  49
- Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2009:  33
- Child vehicular heat stroke deaths through 2013: well over 719
- Average number of child vehicular heat stroke deaths per year since 1998: 38 (one every 9 days)
- The highest number of fatalities for a one-year time period took place in 2010: 49


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