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What Do We Need A Nuclear Missile Defense For?

Written By : John Hawkins
October 17, 2002

What Do We Need A Nuclear Missile Defense For?: Do you remember when we Conservatives were telling people that opting out of the ABM Treaty and accelerating the development of a nuclear missile defense was the right thing to do? Oh so many people on the left HATED that idea as did almost all of Europe. Well, what do you think about the NMD in light of the following….


Donald Rumsfeld, the US defence secretary, said that although no western intelligence official had physically laid a hand on a North Korean nuclear warhead: “I believe they have a small number of nuclear weapons.”

“…Earlier this month, North Korean officials confessed to U.S. diplomats that Pyongyang has worked on developing nuclear weapons in spite of a formal 1994 pledge not to do so. North Korea has ballistic missiles capable of carrying a small payload to Hawaii and parts of Alaska.”

Yeah, what do we need a NMD for right? We told you so…

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