Two Days Left to Make Brown the 41st Vote

It’s the race that suddenly everyone’s been talking about. As my blog has been covering, the special election to replace Senator Ted Kennedy’s seat may be making history this Tuesday:

Brown, a state senator, is beating state attorney general Coakley 50 percent to 46 percent, according to a new Suffolk University/7News poll. Brown’s lead is within the poll’s 4.4-point margin of error, but it still represents “a massive change in the political landscape” of the solidly blue state, Suffolk’s Political Research Center director David Paleologos told the Boston Herald.

While independents surveyed decidedly favor Brown (65 percent) over Coakley (30 percent), even 17 percent of Democrats reported they prefer Brown.

It’s always amusing to see Democrats getting desperate. But this means that Brown is going to need all the help he can get, from outside the state as well as from within. Just yesterday morning, the White House had made statements that there were no plans for Obama to visit Massachusetts in order to campaign for Martha Coakley. By the afternoon, a visit was scheduled for this weekend.

In one shot, this election has the potential to win Republicans a seat that has been comfortably held by Democrats for generation, to overturn the Democrat’s 60-vote majority in the Senate, and to secure the necessary 41st vote against the healthcare bill over which Congress has been agonizing for the past year.

With stakes this high, we can be sure that the Dem’s are doing anything and everything they can think up to harm Brown’s campaign, which recently included a robocall from the president himself.

We’ve got to fight back. Whether you’re from Massachusetts or Arkansas, this race has the potential to affect you, your family, and your community. In the last few hours of this race, please take some time to do at least one of two things:

1) Make phone calls for Brown by clicking here, where you’ll be prompted to sign in. For more information, contact Lynn at

2) Donate to Brown’s campaign by clicking here!

A Republican win in one of the most far-left states in the country would set the tone for the rest of 2010; let’s all try to play a role in it.

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