This Is Why Romney Wins

IF Romney wins, of course. The bottom line truth in voting is that there are those who will always vote Republican no matter what, and there are those who will vote Democrat no matter what. So the pathway to the Presidency, whether one likes it or not, is to get the votes of those 8-20 percent that vote either way.

Republicans have long been frustrated at Romney failing to attack the President on a variety of things. But Romney chose to keep it steady on the economy, with a few exceptions. I would assure my fellow conservatives that Romney didn’t get through Harvard business school, Harvard Law school, being a GOP Governor in a blue state, and saving the Olympics by not being smart. He is smart. Very smart. I would tell my fellow conservatives: that slow and steady wins the race, and Romney knows exactly what he is doing. He is running against a President that has proven to be in way over his head, but is still well liked personally. Americans didn’t want someone to attack Pres. Obama personally. They just wanted a reason to vote for Romney. What 70 million Americans saw at the debates, especially the first one, was a man who was strong, steady, and clearly a leader. Those 8-20 percent? They were impressed. Americans got to see Romney: unfiltered. It wasn’t the Romney the Obama campaign had tried to portray, or even the Romney the media had presented. They were reassured. They could see the man that Romney really is.

Clearly Romney has a amazingly flawless personal life. The only dirt the Obama campaign could find on him was a 45 year old story of a high school prank where he cut someone’s hair. One can love or hate his business experience, but Romney has been a hugely successful businessman. Because of that, he refused his salary when he was Governor. When he saved the Olympics, he promised he would only accept a salary if the games made a profit. With Romney at the helm, the Olympics were financially successfully, so he gave that money to charity.: He has hinted that he will not take a salary as President. Many people don’t know that Romney gave a way his entire inheritance. : Although not reported much, Romney has been generous with his time as well as his money, helping people throughout his life. He gave 30% of his income in 2011 to charity. : The stories of his personal caring for others hasn’t been headline news, but if you look, you can find them.

What Americans see is a man, a clearly good man, who may be able to get us out of this: financial: mess. So many of the independents who voted for Obama in 2008 are deeply disappointed. They thought they were voting for man who would unite us, not drive us further apart. They thought he would reduce the deficit, not triple it. They thought he would change politics, not make it more polarizing. They thought he would bring back jobs, not let us wallow in unemployment. They still like Obama, they just don’t think he has done the job he promised. They think Romney just might be able to do what he promises, which is to bring back jobs. By a 51% to 45% margin, voters trust Romney more than Obama on the economy.

This is why Romney wins.

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