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The only way to stop Putin’s Russia is by force, the rest is conversation

Written By : Samuel Gonzalez
March 16, 2014


 The only way to stop Putins Russia is by force, the rest is conversation

putinAs President Obama, John Kerry, and the rest of the West publicly condemn Vladimir Putin as he expends his territory into Crimea and perhaps beyond, Russia is getting bigger.  China, Iran and North Korea aare paying close attention. 

If the West is not gonna put up any military resistance  as  they did in the early 20th century and again in the 1930s, dont rest easy thinking Russia will stop at a certain point and not go further.  Thats foolish Neville Chamberlain-type thinking. 

If the West refuses to defend itself before a threat becomes a bigger threat, then Putin will gladly keep taking.  

Originally posted at The Last Tradition


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