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Suggest Some Political Valentines

Written By : rwnadmin
February 12, 2009

Last year, I put together a group of Political Valentines for Valentine’s day. This year, since it falls on a Saturday, if I do a list at all, it’ll be coming out tomorrow. So, why not suggest a few political valentines for me to put together? It would definitely help me out…


Suggest Some Political Valentines

Written By : John Hawkins
February 13, 2008

As you’re already aware, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I’m going to be photoshopping some political Valentines for the occasion. I’m looking for funny suggestions here, material like this and this (a little raunchy), except related to politics.


Maybe something like,

My earmark is a bridge…to your heart!

Give me some suggestions in the comments section and if all goes well, I’ll be able to create some of them for tomorrow.

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