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Retro RWN For New Year’s Day, 2008

Written By : John Hawkins
January 1, 2008

Tomorrow RWN returns to normal, but for today, here are some retro RWN posts related to the presidential campaign. Enjoy!


The Conservative Case For Fred Thompson

Video: Vote Fred Thompson — unless you hate children and puppies

Video: Fred Thompson: Kill, Protect, Punch

Video: Fred Thompson’s Defining Moment: “I’m Not Doing Hand Shows”

On The Nature Of Ron Paul’s Support

The Conservative Case Against Ron Paul

Why So Many Conservatives Don’t Like Ron Paul

Does Marrying Bill Clinton Qualify Someone To Be President?

8 Reasons Why Conservatives Must Defeat Hillary

Hillary Clinton: George McGovern Version 5.0

Video: Democratic Daisy Ad

Obama’s Patriotism

Confirmed: The Huckabee Immigration Plan Does Not Have A Touchback Provision In It

Huckabee Tries To “Out Tancredo Tancredo” On Illegal Immigration

Ranking The Top Tier Candidates On Conservatism

Just Say No To Rudy McRombee

The Conservative Case For Duncan Hunter In 2008

The Conservative Case Against Mitt Romney

The Desperate Presidential Housewives Of 2008

The Conservative Case Against Rudy Giuliani In 2008

The Conservative Case Against John McCain In 2008

The Final State Of The Race Report Before Iowa

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