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Prelude to Disaster: Comrade De Blasio vows sweeping change as NYC’s next mayor

Written By : Samuel Gonzalez
January 1, 2014
Get ready New York because this is gonna get ugly faster than most people think.  



de blasioAP reports Bill de Blasio was to be sworn in as the 109th mayor of New York City on Wednesday, becoming the first Democrat to occupy City Hall in more than two decades while vowing to pursue a sweeping liberal agenda for the nation’s largest city.
The new mayor was elected two months ago by a record margin on the promise of being a sharp break from Michael Bloomberg, who leaves office after 12 years that reshaped New York, making it one of the nation’s safest and most prosperous big cities but also one that has become increasingly stratified between the very rich and the working class.
De Blasio was to take the oath of office moments after midnight at his modest Park Slope, Brooklyn home. His inauguration will be celebrated on a far grander scale at noon Wednesday on the steps of City Hall when he takes the oath again, which will be administered by former President Bill Clinton.
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Getting administered the oath of office by a president who was impeached is a horrible omen for New York. 
Originally posted at The Last Tradition
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