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Palin on IRS “Losing” Lerner Emails: Obama Worse Than Nixon

Written By : Duane Lester
June 16, 2014

And she’s right.  At least Nixon had the courtesy to resign in disgrace:


Nixon Obama 515

“Remember the 18 minute gap in Nixon’s White House tapes during the Watergate scandal? Now Obama’s IRS top dog claims a communications gap of 1,052,000 minutes,” Palin said. “Hmm. Wonder if the press will recognize similarities. Maybe a smidgen?”

She wondered what would happen if Americans lost all of their tax records and asked the IRS just to trust them, like the IRS is saying regarding the “central figure in their harassment of conservatives scandal.”

“Try claiming that next tax season: ‘Oops-a-daisy, computer crash, all records gone, so… just trust me on what I claim I owe you, IRS,’” Palin continued. “You know, Obama Administration, at this point why not just say the dog ate it? Watch now as the Administration tosses us a bone while the public demands Obama find those evaporated emails. And about that promise of transparency? About that claim to be ‘The Most Transparent Administration Ever’?”

That is one promise he never intended to keep.

The question is, will the media that Obama has abused over the past five years accept this as truth, or will they finally find something worth looking into?

What do you think?

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