New Connecticut Gun Laws Require Citizens to Apply for “Eligibility Certificates” to Purchase Ammunition

Keep in mind that the Second Amendment states “…shall not be infringed” which means that the right to obtain or posess guns shall not be limited in any way. Connecticut needs a copy of the Constitution as they continue to infringe or limit their citizens civil right to gun ownership.

Gun government permission

Connecticut State Police are reminding firearms owners:

“…Beginning April 1, long guns cannot be sold or transferred without one of the following documents: a permit to carry pistols or revolvers, an eligibility certificate for pistols or revolvers or a long gun eligibility certificate.”

If gun owners want to buy ammunition, they’ll also need one of the aforementioned documents which must be applied for at State Police Headquarters.

That means, if gun owners already have a long rifle that they want to sell or give away in the state, they’ll be considered criminals unless both parties obtain the new certificates.

In addition to the new restrictions flying in the face of the Second Amendment’s original intent, the laws also complicate the once simple act of selling a piece of property or giving a gift.

Both the potential buyer and seller and/or the gift giver and receiver have to pay for the permits and wait to see if they’re even approved before the sale can take place and/or before the weapon can be presented as a gift.

At the same time, the state will also no longer accept hunting licenses for the purchase of aforementioned weapons too.

The police have not yet indicated that they plan to seriously enforce the new laws despite the fact that they take effect today.

Connecticut isn’t the only state implementing restrictions on guns and ammo. Become an activist by finding out what’s happening in the Statehouse and become a voice for the sovereignty of your states citizens.

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