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Nancy Pelosi is an Idiot…
Written By : Drinking With Bob
February 7, 2009


What’s next? I’ll tell you what’s next…

The stimulus package! The stimulus package!! I’m sick of turning on the t.v. everyday and listening to people talk about the stimulus package.

50, 60, 70 people analyzing this thing.

Let me break it down to you in simplest terms. NOBODY is against the stimulus package! No Republican. No Democrat. No freaking person in this country is against the stimulus package.

We may not agree with it. We may not think it’s a great idea to give tax rebates to people who don’t pay taxes. We may not think it is a great idea to spend taxpayers money on infrastructure projects that won’t even start for one or two years in the future. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t agree with the right that Barack Obama has to at least try, if he thinks that is going to work.

What people object to is the PORK! The pork that has been pushed into this freaking project. The freaking swimming pools and freaking golf courses. The freaking money for doorbells in Mississippi and new schools in Milwaukee, where they have too many schools already. The 192 billion dollars being spent on Filipino World War II Veterans. That’s what everybody has a problem with!

If the pork was taken out of this bill. It would have passed yesterday. It would have passed two weeks ago. Why is the pork in this bill? I’ll tell you why, change! Change! Change has a new definition in this country. What does it stand for now? It means the President, Barack Obama is no longer in charge. The new leader of the country is, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. She’s in charge. And her and her democratic cronies have stuffed this stimulus bill so full of pork it’s busting at the seams!

This woman came on t.v. the other day and said that every month that goes by and we don’t pass this stimulus bill. 500 million Americans will lose their jobs. 500 million Americans?! Hello!! We don’t have 500 million people working in this country! At best we have 140, 150 million people working in this country.

The woman is an idiot and she’s in charge!

You want this bill to freaking pass? Then Barack Obama has to get some balls! He has to be a man! He has to step up and tell Nancy Pelosi and her democratic cronies, who stuck all this freaking pork into his stimulus bill. To get every ounce of pork out of it! Put the bill back on the table. Let everybody sign it. And LET’S MOVE ON!!!

That’s freaking change Barack! That’s freaking change! Wake up! Stand up! and get some freaking balls!!!

What’s next?! What’s next?!! What’s next?!!!

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