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My 35 Favorite Opinion Columnists For The 1st Quarter Of 2007

Written By : John Hawkins
March 13, 2007

35) Dennis Prager
34) David Warren
33) Amanda Carpenter
32) Hugh Hewitt
31) Lorie Byrd
30) Patrick Ruffini
29) Newt Gingrich
28) Ralph Peters
27) Jeff Jacoby
26) Michael Barone
25) Tony Blankley
24) Michael Fumento
23) Mike Gallagher
22) Kathleen Parker
21) Dick Morris and Eileen McGann
20) Mary Katharine Ham
19) Larry Elder
18) Jack Kelly
17) Brendan Miniter
16) Mac Johnson
15) Robert Novak
14) Peggy Noonan
13) James Lileks
12) John Fund
11) Charles Krauthammer
10) Michelle Malkin
9) David Limbaugh
8) Rich Lowry
7) John Stossel
6) Walter Williams
5) Jonah Goldberg
4) Thomas Sowell
3) Victor Davis Hanson
2) Ann Coulter
1) Mark Steyn


PS: If any other bloggers on the left or right do a list of their current faves (at least 10 deep) and let’s me know, I’ll link it later tonight.

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