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Iowa Democratic Representative Lists “Sleepless Nights” And “Learning Disabilities” As Good Reasons To Have An Abortion…

Written By : Tiffiny Ruegner
February 13, 2014

The eugenics movement in Nazi Germany created a program called Action T4 . T4 allowed the extermination of undesirables that would taint the gene pool of the German race. One of these groups threatened by this “cleansing” were children identified as “all children under three years of age in whom any of the following ‘serious hereditary diseases’ were ‘suspected; idiocy, down syndrome, blind or deaf, malformation of the limbs and more. I read this report where a Democratic State Representative said that if a baby would bring on challenges such as keeping parents awake or just aren’t smart, abortion is justifiable.




February 12, 2014 ( A Democratic state representative suggested during a debate on the Iowa House floor that babies persistent cries, habit of interrupting their parents sleep, and learning disabilities might justify abortion.

Beth Wessel-Kroeschell said that we as women know about babies we love them, we adore them.

But we also know that they have the challenges they bring, she continued.

They have colic, the sleepless nights, the finances, the disciplinary challenges, the education challenges, the birth defects, the mental health issues, the learning disabled the list goes on and on, she said.

What women do know is that we know where our limits are, she said, whether were physically ready, whether were emotionally ready, whether were financially ready to be parents.

And we have the right to make those decisions, she added.

Beth Wessel-Kroeschell believes that a baby being a mere inconvenience or an embarrassment is right enough for a woman to exterminate a child in her womb. How is this different than Hitler’s Action T4?

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