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Humble sky

Written By : Ron Coleman
August 2, 2009




TRYING TO FIND THE TRUTH BEHIND the Jupiter impact. “Something invaded our solar system and whacked Jupiter, but professional astronomers were looking the other way at the time. Now, as the shock wave slowly subsides, astronomers are working around the clock to find out exactly what hit Jupiter – and why they didn’t see it coming.

Please do. But meanwhile, Dr. Scientist, please stop demanding more and more of your mathematically honed, rational and flawless control over politics, ethics, economics and the rest of life.

Nothing personal. Love your work, really. But if a measure of humility from the “rocket scientists” is in any way one of the results of this cataclysmic impact, then, why, we’ll know exactly why it happened.

Originally posted on Ron Coleman’s unnecessarily humble Likelihood of Success.

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