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Five Israel teens suspected of brutally raping 12-year-old girl at school party

Written By : Samuel Gonzalez
December 22, 2013
 This is really a shock.  I didn’t think this type of stuff happened in Israel.

teensTimes of Israel reports police in Tel Aviv over the weekend arrested five teenage boys on suspicion of gang raping a 12-year-old girl at an illicit party on school grounds, it was reported on Sunday.


Police said that a group of boys, most of them aged 14, invited the girl to a evening party thrown at a school many of them attend, where they coerced her to undress and perform oral sex on them, before they raped her one after the other, Walla reported. It was not clear how the group gained access to the school.
At least some of the rape was recorded by the alleged perpetrators on their mobile phones. Part of the recordings made their way to the police, who opened an investigation on Thursday. The victim was questioned by police and five of her alleged attackers were arrested and questioned. Police said they believed they would make more arrests in the “brutal” case, and that there were more videos circulating of the incident.
According to the boys’ testimony, they admitted to inviting the girl to the school, but said that the victim, who looked older than her age, presented herself as a 17-year-old and consented to all the acts. The age of consent in Israel is 16.
Originally posted at The Last Tradition

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