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Excerpt Of The Day: Dick Morris On Growing More Conservative

Written By : John Hawkins
April 12, 2007

“I used to believe that people got more religious when they got older because they were getting closer to death and they felt they needed to hedge their bets. And I felt that people got more conservative as they got older because they got richer and wanted to keep more of their money.


Then, when I got older, and became both of the above, I came to realize that while that’s true with a great many people, there was an alternate explanation that I would like to believe is true in my case and those of many others. You become more spiritual and more religious, because you realize nothing else works. And if you live a life like I have, you tried everything else. I’m the only guy that had to go to a 12-step program to get over Bill Clinton. And you become more conservative, not because you become more selfish, but because you keep the ideals that you had in your earlier years. But you realize that the way to achieve them is not the straight-ahead path that the left suggests, but the smart path that the right suggests.” — Dick Morris

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