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Don’t tug on Mark Steyn’s cape

Written By : Kathy Shaidle
December 1, 2007

The Canadian Islamic Congress is taking Mark Steyn to the Human Rights Commission because America Alone “subjects Canadian Muslims to hatred and contempt.”


Funny, I thought they were doing fine in that department without Steyn’s help…

Remember: the leader of the CIC famously said that all Israeli citizens, including children, are “legitimate targets” for Muslim terrorism because they all eventually end up serving in the Army. (!?)

Anyhoo: I have some helpful suggestions for Mark, and for Canadian citizens in general, who increasingly find themselves being summoned to these extra-legal kangaroo courts to defend their politically incorrect views.

Free speech is under attack everywhere, from England to the Sudan.

Plus: not all Canadian Muslims are stark raving mental.

Read more cranky complaints at FiveFeetOfFury

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