COPS: 22 Year Old Babysitter Got “all stabby” When Man Refused to Have Sex with Her

This is exactly why I just don’t get out much anymore. I am a mom of 3 great kids, but I am just loathe to leave them with anyone other than Grandma or Auntie: – even a friend’s daughter- because of looney tunes like this gal.

shakierialong (400x269)

She looks nice enough, right?

But, here’s how a woman scorned behaves:

Long, who is known as “Sha Sha,” subsequently followed Sylvester to his room, where she allegedly “grabbed a knife and started jabbing” at him with the weapon. She then beckoned the witness, telling him that she had stabbed Sylvester (and that he was “leaking”).

The witness told investigators that he pressed a towel to Sylvester’s neck and began walking him home. But Long ran after them and “started punching the victim in his face,” as first reported by TCPalm.

During police questioning, Sylvester–whose wound needed a few stitches–said he did not want to have sex with Long due to her heavy drinking. While confirming that Long stabbed him in the neck, Sylvester said that he did not want to press charges against her.

Collared for felony battery, Long was booked into the St. Lucie County jail, where she remains locked up. At the time of the stabbing, Long was free on $3750 bond in connection with a June 6 arrest for disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest, and battery on a law enforcement officer. That bond was cancelled following this month’s bust.

Ugh. This kind of crap is exactly what is wrong with society. Since when is it ok to stab someone for turning down your sexual overtures? What has happened to women since so-called “women’s lib”? There are very few young ladies that act ladylike anymore. Asking for sex and drinking to drunkenness are not acts of a lady. Stabbing someone is just plain trashy. This is what the parents of the world have to pick through for babysitters.:  Good luck, moms and dads, and get that background check before you drop off little miss and master.

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Katie McGuire

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