Chuck Schumer Gets a Challenger

Apparently Chuck Schumer is not polling all that well in New York.:  And, hey, it’s a Scott Brown kind of year.:  So who knows?: 

Here’s Republican Jay Townsend’s announcement speech:

“The ruling elite in Washington believe they know better than you how to spend your money, how to raise your family, how to grow your business, how to manage your budget, how to protect your home, how to determine your health care.

“One person, more than any other, stands as a stark symbol of what is wrong with Washington. Chuck Schumer is considered the most powerful Democrat on Capitol Hill. He is the head financier, the architect, the enabler, the avatar, the cheerleader-in-chief of an Imperial Congress that turns a deaf ear to those begging to be heard; the back of a hand to those who dare disagree.

“We thought that Senator Schumer would hear the message when Massachusetts sent Scott Brown to the Senate. Obviously Washington has a hearing problem. So let’s do this. Retire Chuck Schumer. Let’s see if that blows the wax out of their ears….

“When fiscal watchdogs were complaining about all the pork in a recent stimulus bill, Senator Schumer said — and I quote — “Let me say this to all the chattering classes that so much focus on those little, tiny, yes porky amendments. The American people really don’t care.”

“Senator Schumer, I think you are going to find that we do take exception to an 800 billion dollar pork laden stimulus bill that has not netted this nation or this state a single new private sector job.

“When told to turn off his cell phone by a female flight attendant, Senator Schumer berated her with a five-letter word that begins with b. It seems he was angry that he had been asked to comply with federal law.:  Senator, you too, must abide the laws you impose on the rest of us.

“Mr. Schumer would like to censor or silence his critics on radio and television who dare disagree with his agenda; imposing what he calls the Fairness Doctrine than is anything but fair. Senator Schumer, you have no right to tell us what we are allowed to hear, write, think or say.

“Senator Schumer has even invented a family named the Baileys that he says he consults about what is best for New York. This is an actual quote from our senior Senator — ‘Though they are imaginary, I frequently talk to them.’:  Senator, instead of inventing a family that does not exist, perhaps you could find some time to listen to real New York families that are struggling to make ends meet, put their kids through school and pay the taxes and fees you impose upon them from your throne on Capitol Hill.

“Senator Schumer has recently held press conferences to express outrage about airplane baggage fees … how Facebook handles its data … and the salt content of cheeseburgers. Yet he is speechless about New York’s 10 billion dollar deficit, a state budget that is now 31 days late and a dysfunctional government that is the laughingstock of the Northeast….”

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Full disclosure: I helped the candidate with his kickoff.

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