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Caught on Video: Black teens pay for items in store, even with no clerk around

Written By : Samuel Gonzalez
August 28, 2013


This video should be celebrated and taught in all, the schools.  Whoever those kids were, they were raised right and their parents did a fine job!. 

Good for them!


THV 11 reports it pays to be on your best behavior… even when you think no one is watching.  That’s a lesson learned by a few young men from New Jersey after cameras caught them doing the right thing at a local store.

Sunday night, the management of Buddy’s Small Lots in New Jersey got the after-hours call all retailers fear.  “We got a phone call at the police department saying there had been a break-in at the store,” said Marci Lederman, store employee.

But when they got to the store, nothing appeared out of place.  The cameras, however, caught it all.  A handful of young men cautiously entered the store and before heading downstairs, they do a little shopping.  They also called out to a clerk who never showed up, and after doing a little mental math, the guys decide to pay for sunglasses and batteries, even though no one’s around to force them.  So, how’d this happen?

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Originally published at The Last Tradition

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