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Bush’s Parting Shot On Women’s “Reproductive Rights”

Written By : William Teach
December 26, 2008

The issue of abortion on demand is one I typically avoid for the most part, except regarding late term and parental notification, but, this one is just was too over the top to ignore


Undermining women’s reproductive rights and access to health care has been a pervasive theme of the outgoing administration. On his first full day in office, President Bush imposed the “global gag rule,” which prohibits taxpayer dollars from going to international family-planning groups that perform abortions using their own funds or that advocate for safe abortion laws.

So, let me see, Bush has, to paraphrase Ann Coulter, undermined a women’s “right” to have casual, irresponsible, unprotected sex with men she doesn’t want to have children with. OK. I wonder if the NY Times, in their editorial, which is, of course, the opinion of the paper, can point to all the laws that Bush has passed? Oh, wait, the Executive can’t actually pass laws, can he. All the Grey Lady can point to is the extension of one law

The law has long allowed doctors and nurses to refuse to participate in an abortion. Mr. Leavitt’s changes elevate the so-called right to refuse beyond reason to an increased number of medical institutions and a broad range of health care workers and services — including abortion referrals, unbiased counseling and provision of emergency contraception, even to rape victims.

The “so-called right to refuse.” Yup. The USSC found a right to abort children, but, the right of people to not be involved with medical procedures and medicines that they completely disagree with is only a “so-called right.”  Welcome to Liberal World.

Maybe the editorial page should have consulted with the front page: Expansion of Clinics Shapes a Bush Legacy

Although the number of uninsured and the cost of coverage have ballooned under his watch, President Bush leaves office with a health care legacy in bricks and mortar: he has doubled federal financing for community health centers, enabling the creation or expansion of 1,297 clinics in medically underserved areas.

Would this be irony or serendipity?

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