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Bill to Help Hill Recover from Cash Lashing
Written By : Amanda Carpenter
July 2, 2007

Barack Obama has whooped Hillary for the second time in the big money primary. Since Hillary can’t sell herself and her ideas as well her number one competitor, it’s time to deploy Mr. Clinton to do it for her


That’s right, Obama has raised at least $32.5 million in the last three months and Hillary’s only expected to report $27 million in the same quarter, although the final results are not in yet.

And now, according to the Hillary campaign’s morning after statement-- which mentioned “President Clinton” meaning Bill, not Hillary, four times–we can expect the Democratic duo to campaign together in both Iowa and New Hampshire this month.

A big chunk of the statement is devoted to Bill. It says: “We know that President Clinton is a huge asset in this race. He’s uniquely positioned to talk about Hillary’s biography and her lifelong commitment to children and families because he knows her life’s story better than anyone.As Hillary lays out her vision on the stump, he will be invaluable in filling in the details about her life, her background, and her accomplishments for Americans to get to know her better. ” (He’s expected to adhere to this script.)

Think he’ll be breaking out that Celine Dion song on his sax? I see the Canadian songstress is looking pretty fit these days…

And, if you missed my story about Hillary’s “patriotic” tax hike, check it out here.

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