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America Could Suffer an 18-Month Blackout if Only 9 Power Plants Were Attacked

Written By : Ashley Herzog
March 16, 2014

America has around 55,000 power plants–but terrorists would have to target only 9 to create nationwide havoc, such a blackout that could last over a year. This finding by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission was recently published in the Wall Street Journal.


power plant

Federal regulators are calling for tighter security.

‘Destroy nine interconnection substations and  a transformer manufacturer and the entire United States grid would be down for  at least 18 months, probably longer,’ wrote FERC’s director of external affairs  Leonard Tao in a June memo that was only revealed publicly today.

Adding to the problem, the  solution is not as simple as just protecting these nine stations because there  are reportedly 30 stations that meet the necessary criteria but less than a  third of them have to be attacked. Experts differ on the number of stations that  would fall into said category- with others putting it closer to 100- but it does  not diminish their concern.

‘It is neither a monumental task, nor is it  an inordinate sum of money that would be required to do so,’ former FERC  chairman Jon Wellinghoff said in an email to the Wall Street Journal.

This is interesting, because “preppers” and others who are preparing themselves for a catastrophic event like this are often dismissed as paranoid lunatics. Now federal agencies are admitting that it’s possible, and we should be doing more to protect ourselves.

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