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AGW Today: It’s All About The Exaggeration And Bad Wishes

Written By : William Teach
July 20, 2009

Last week, Conor Clarke at The Atlantic had an interview with Nobel Prize-winning economist Thomas Schelling, and look at what Schelling said regarding the anthropogenic global warming movement (via Tom Nelson)


…And what I don’t know is whether Americans are really willing to understand that and do anything for the benefit of the unborn Chinese.

It’s a tough sell. And probably you have to find ways to exaggerate the threat. And you can in fact find ways to make the threat serious.

But I tend to be rather pessimistic. I sometimes wish that we could have, over the next five or ten years, a lot of horrid things happening — you know, like tornadoes in the Midwest and so forth — that would get people very concerned about climate change. But I don’t think that’s going to happen.


Meanwhile, the Sun is back to being really quiet, and Hillary is now in Obama mode, apologizing to India for global warming.

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