Actor James Woods in shock over First Lady’s hashtag: ‘Truly this is a hoax, right? I’m serious’

As most people know, hundreds of educated young girls have been kidnapped and sold into “marriage” by the terrorist group Boko Haram. In order to help these girls, the U.S. is sending in negotiation and intelligence experts.

And, apparently, a hashtag from First Lady Obama:

Actor James Woods is having troubling believing what he sees before his very eyes.

The outspoken conservative star turned to Twitter on Wednesday to express his doubt about the legitimacy of a somber photo of first lady Michelle Obama that was tweeted Wednesday from her Twitter account.

In the photo, Obama is holding a sign that says: #Bring Back Our Girls,” an apparent show of solidarity: with the families of nearly 300 kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls.

Look, I get it — the First Lady is trying to raise support for helping these girls. But doesn’t using Twitter seem a bit…Average Joe? For most of us, using a hashtag to garner support for a cause is done because we have little other recourse, except perhaps calling or e-mailing our Members of Congress.

The First Lady has access to the President of the United States.

Whether one agrees with helping the Nigerians, who have asked for assistance, in finding these girls, the “assist” by First Lady Obama is just plain odd. And, frankly, pathetic.

I know, I know — she’s being a modern politician’s spouse. But wouldn’t a rousing speech a be a little more worthy of the office, and a bit more inspirational? What will a hashtag from the First Lady actually accomplish?


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