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A Big Victory For Liberty In Texas Against Unions

Written By : Kathleen McKinley
May 17, 2010

This is a big victory for liberty, parents, and education.


From the Lone Star Report:

A Texas Attorney General’s opinion (GA-0774) issued today stated that school districts may not fund political action committees of teacher unions via payroll deductions.

“Because the Legislature has not expressly or impliedly authorized school districts to process payroll deductions for contributions to political committees, such as TSTA-PAC and NEA-Fund, Texas law prohibits school districts from processing such contributions,” the summary clause of the opinion read.

“That’s a biggie,” said Rep. Leo Berman (R-Tyler) who requested the opinion nearly a year-and-a-half ago. “… Basically, it’s going to mean that Democrats are going to have to raise money like we [Republicans] do.”

The union can’t just take it out of a teacher’s paycheck now. A big ouch to the unions. The teacher’s union have long used this money from teachers to fight parental choice in education through charter schools, voucher scholarships, and tuition tax credits. It didn’t matter if teachers thought these things were a good idea or not. Taking donations directly from teacher’s paychecks was easy money to maintain their power and influence. This way teachers have the OPTION of giving to these PACs. When they have been given the option in other states, the funding to the unions have dropped as much as 90%. Which tells you how it was nothing but coerced giving.

Here is the backstory to this amazing accomplishment. It illustrates how just a few people can make such a difference and even fight back against the powerful unions. Amazing really.

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