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6 Big Questions About The Edwards Affair

Written By : John Hawkins
August 11, 2008

1) Did the affair begin before Hunter began working with the campaign? If nothing was going on, why did Edwards pay a novice $114,000 to shoot a handful of videos for his campaign?


2) If Edwards’ loyalist Andrew Young is really the father of Rielle Hunter’s baby, why did his wife consent to having Hunter living under the same roof?

3) Can anyone seriously believe that John Edwards’ supporter Fred Baron was paying off Rielle Hunter without his knowledge?

4) Did Elizabeth Edwards really know about the affair back in 2006 or is that just a cover story concocted after the fact? If she did know about the affair, why did she allow Rielle to remain on with the campaign after finding out Hunter had been copulating with her husband?

5) If John Edwards didn’t love Rielle Hunter, the baby isn’t his, and the affair has been over since 2006, what was he doing meeting in a hotel with her?

6) Why did Rielle Hunter decide not to take a paternity test when establishing who the “baby daddy” was could be worth an enormous sum in child support? Could it be because she was paid a considerable sum of money NOT to take a paternity test that would show he is the father? Furthermore, if John Edwards really believes the baby isn’t his, why isn’t he demanding a paternity test to put the matter to bed, once and for all?

PS: I do have a working theory about why Edwards came forward with an admission of the affair that opened up all these cans of worms. There’s no way to know for sure whether it’s right, but it would explain what happened:

ABC had the goods on Edwards and was going to do a damaging piece on the affair. ABC then came to Edwards and gave him an opportunity to do an exclusive interview rather than breaking the story.

Edwards took that opportunity, but felt compelled to lie about a number of things because Elizabeth may not have known the whole truth. So, he either had to go public with a story full of holes or admit to his wife that he was still cheating on her with the woman who’d had his love child.

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