When going to the movies used to be special

One of the things I miss about going to the movies are the theater palaces I went to. Places like the Loews Valencia in Queens and the Loews King in Brooklyn were magnificent spaces to watch a film. The atmosphere they brought made going to the movies a very special event.  (Loews Valencia)l1


From the smell of popcorn as soon as you walked into a great hall, to the ushers who showed you to your seat using a flashlight, and to the dramatic design on the walls and stage.  Wow!

(Loews King) l2


Those places are mostly gone now. Many of them have become churches and are touching lives in a different way.

What we’re left with (see below) are sterile multiplex theaters with absolutely no personality other than feeling like you’re sitting in a giant shoe box.l3


It’s a shame and you young folks don’t know what you missed!


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