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Lone Wolf Muslim Jihadi Who Rushed Cockpit on SF Flight Now Claims….He’s Crazy

Written By : Jane Jamison
May 14, 2011

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Whats that? The prosecutor, defense attorney and the news media in San Francisco arent calling this a lone wolf jihad attack by a Muslim?  Have they even called him a “Muslim” yet?   Why are we not surprised?

Courtroom art by Joan Lynch CBS Source: KCBS

No, according to the San Francisco Political-Correctness squads, we are supposed to believe that a Yemeni with no job, no luggage, two inexplicable checks for $15,000, on a coast-to-coast flight with no known purpose (even the Muslims claiming to be his family did not know he was flying to San Francisco) who rushes an airline cockpit screaming, Allah Akhbar! is a just a poor, misunderstood, unhappynutjob. And please let him go home to his family.

[Read it all at]

Thank goodness the judge would have none of this taqqiya poppycock, at least for now. However, a mental health examination will be done. What are the chances that, before we know it, in the liberal San Francisco area, Mr. Al-Muzzlimo-whatever, will be demanding and getting halal meal menus, prayer rugs, conjugal visits, a personal Koran, and mandatory masturbation minutes per day?

[ Read the many links here on how many times Muslims have gotten away with jihad crimes in the United States only to have it excused as being upset about something or temporarily crazy. ]

[Recall the Muslim television executive in New York who beheaded his wife in his television studio because she had filed for divorce. He lured her to the office, sliced through her neck in less than a minute and threw her head down the hallway. He claimed HE was a victim of spousal abuse, [with a straight face] and the prosecutor said the crime had nothing to do with religion, implying that it was not an honor killing. ]

Will SOMEONE in the San Francisco bay area please stop self-hating and guilt-tripping long enough to advocate for the public safety?

Prosecutors, the defense, and the judge are concerned about his mental health because Rageh Ahmed Mohammed Al-Murisi, while aboard the flight to San Francisco last week:

told an air marshal during the incident that he wanted to kill himself, prosecutors and a federal judge said today.

Attention, legal geniuses in San Francisco: Radical Muslims who are trying to martyr themselves for jihad scream Allah Akhbar as they commit their suicidal crimes. Prescribing Ambien and giving them three hot squares a day is NOT going to change their minds about killing themselves to kill infidels.
Good grief. Read this bit of discombobulation by a Muslim writing for the HuffPo. Hes mad that Muslims are screaming Allah Akhbar when they commit their crimes, and is demanding they commit their crimes in their OWN names. He doesnt denounce the crimes or deny that Muslims are doing what the Koran is telling them to dohe’s just mad about the “optics.”

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