Football Team’s Slogan “Be a Dude” Denounced as Politically Incorrect

In pre-Obama times, if you didn’t live up to minimal expectations of toughness, courage, and fortitude, you would be admonished to “be a man.” But in fundamentally transformed America we are past all that sexism now — except at Boston College, where an outraged moonbat named Evan Goldstein has discovered a vestigial remnant of manliness:

BC football deserves to be called out: the #BeADude mantra that trends on Twitter every Saturday and is plastered all over our promotional materials is offensive and should be removed. The slogan promotes a restrictive ideal of manhood and alienates the many women who love football as much as their male peers.

Defensive coordinator Don Brown defines the slogan “be a dude”:

“Be great. Be a baller. Be great at what you are. Just don’t be average.”

Goldstein is horrified.

Think about what BC football is saying. They’re drawing a line, with “dudes” on one side, and everyone else on the other and claiming for themselves the authority to determine which side of the line you fall on. In so doing, they’re simply perpetuating the narrow stereotype of machismo-laden masculinity that plagues our society, creating an in-group and an “other” group. … I’m not saying that BC football is creating or even intentionally promoting this unbelievably restrictive standard of masculinity, but they’re certainly participating in a broken culture that fails to give many men space to express their gender identity comfortably.

How to fix this “broken culture” in which men are still men?

We need to tell our young boys to do what they’re passionate about, whether it’s suiting up for a football game or suiting up for a ballet performance.

The concept of “being a dude” is also hurtful to female football fans. Maybe they could fix that by changing the locker room exhortation to “Be a dude or dudette.”

Despite the damage “Be a dude” has done to fragile psyches, Goldstein sees a silver lining — or maybe the lining is a sensitive shade of pink:

Let’s start the conversation on masculinity that we so desperately need and let’s start it with the BC football team. Because that’s who we need to hear it from. … We need them telling boys they can like boys and still be manly. We need them telling young boys that it isn’t sex if their partner doesn’t say yes. [Jerry Sandusky could not be reached for comment.] The “dudes” of the BC football team have so much potential to be a force for good when it comes to deconstructing antiquated and harmful stereotypes about masculinity. And maybe the clumsily-worded, ugly slogan is an opportunity for BC football players to be examples, not dudes. Maybe it’s the push we need for that conversation to finally begin.

Corroded and prissified by liberalism, our culture appeared to reach the final extreme of self-parody by electing the left-wing metrosexual Barack Obama to be Commander in Chief. Yet we keep plunging further.

On a tip from Shawn R. Hat tip: Barstool Sports. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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