Obama’s Approval Is High Among Muslims, Low Among Christians

Obama’s approval ratings are in the dumps with most everyone – but there is one notable exception. Can you guess who is actually pleased with his performance? Here’s a clue: his name. Here’s another clue: he said he would stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction, and the direction of these winds has never been uglier than since he took power. From Gallup:

Seventy-two percent of U.S. Muslims approved of the job President Barack Obama was doing as president during the first six months of 2014, higher than any other U.S. religious group Gallup tracks.

Only his race allows Obama to still cling even to his dismal 43% job approval rate among Americans in general. But among non-Christians, he is doing fine:


No wonder Obama likes to pretend that this is no longer a Christian nation. However, as Gallup observes,

The United States remains a predominantly Christian nation, with roughly half of Americans identifying with a Protestant religion and another quarter identifying as Catholics. Thus, the opinions of these Christian groups are by far the most influential in determining Obama’s overall ratings.

The findings are nothing new:

The relative rank order of the religious groups on job approval has been consistent throughout Obama’s presidency. In fact, the current rank order, with Muslims most approving and Mormons least, exactly matches the order seen over the more than five years he has been in office since January 2009.

This is because Obama has made his sympathies clear from the beginning regarding the centuries-old struggle between Christendom and Islam. Voting for him was not merely an act of treason against the United States, but against Western Civilization. But at least voting against their own society let people prove to themselves that they are not “racist,” “Islamophobic,” or “ethnocentric.”

At last buyer’s remorse is taking firm root among everyone except the tiny Muslim minority. Hopefully it is not too late to mitigate the damage.

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