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Prepped For Hurricane Irene

Written By : John Hawkins
August 26, 2011

One of the downsides of living near the beach is that every so often, you get a little “weather.” At the moment, the “weather” in question is Hurricane Irene, which is bearing down on us as I speak.


On the upside, it looks like Irene is going to come in to our East, so it SHOULD miss us. According to the MSNBC storm tracker, there’s only a 30% chance of +58MPH winds and a 5% chance of +74MPH winds.

My personal policy is to hang in there unless a category three or higher is about to hit directly; so in all likelihood, I’ll be riding this one out.

Still, I just wanted you to know that as a conservative, I’m not sitting here waiting for the government to tell me what to do or for the mayor to send a school bus for me.

If I need to go, I have a full tank of gas. If I decide to stay, I’ve got a week’s worth of food and water, multiple flashlights, a gun, bleach, toilet paper, an ax, a landline telephone, lots of batteries, duct tape, trash bags, and plenty of other hurricane goodies.

I don’t want to tell you that I’ve got every contingency covered, because I don’t, but I can tell you this: If Hurricane Irene does hammer us, I won’t be sitting in whatever the equivalent of the Super Dome is here, sucking my thumb, and wondering what daddy government is going to do to take care of me since I didn’t do anything to take care of myself.

PS: If you are one of the people who gets hit by Irene, I hope you prepare like it depends on you and pray like it depends on God. Good luck, my friend. I hope you don’t need it.

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