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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Saturday, April 5, 2014
Illinois bishop backs priest’s decision to deny Communion to pro-abortion Sen. Dick Durbin — Dustin Siggins
House Intel Chair Says Obama Knows Where the Benghazi Terrorists Are Hiding — Ashley Herzog
Man Dismembers His Own 3-Year-Old Son After Argument With His Wife — Ashley Herzog
Michigan Muslims Demand Christian Church’s Easter Egg Hunt Fliers Be Banned — Warner Todd Huston
House Oversight Committee to consider holding Lois Lerner in contempt — Dustin Siggins
Cause & Effect? Chicago Murder Rate Drops After Concealed Carry Enacted In Illinois — Dustin Siggins
Apartment Complex Threatening to Evict Marine Vet for Flying the Flag — Ashley Herzog
Wanna date a Fascist? Check out OkCupid — Samuel Gonzalez
VIDEO: This Children’s spontaneous rendition of national anthem in movie theater will move you — Tom Tillison
Kinsley: The Solution To Money In Politics — William Teach
EPA Proposes Burdensome Regulations On Wood Stoves — William Teach
Woman Falsely Accused Boyfriend of Rape 11 Times to Get Out of Bar Exam — Ashley Herzog
Pollen (Cartoon) — Rick McKee
Rachael Ray Biden (Cartoon) — Gary McCoy
Friday, April 4, 2014
Mississippi Governor To Sign Bill Protecting Religious Freedom Of Christian Businesses That Don’t Want To Participate in Gay Weddings — Ashley Herzog
Colorado Toddler Found Dead After Mom Left Him Home Alone for 20 Hours — Ashley Herzog
Common Core is the common whore of education — Josh Bernstein
Firefox Company Panders to Gay Mafia Declares NO Freedom of Speech for Religious Americans — Warner Todd Huston
Mozilla CEO Forced Out After IRS Revealed to Gay Militants That He Supported Traditional Marriage — Dave Blount
Judge Outs Zimmerman Jurors — Dave Blount
The Cuban Spring That Never Was – A Social Networking Petri Dish — Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Report: House Oversight Committee Will Move To Hold Lois Lerner In Contempt As Early As Next Week — Duane Lester
Wow: Common Core Math Curriculum Can’t Even Count To 20 — Duane Lester
SHOCK POLL: Iraq And Afghan War Vets Overwhelmingly Prefer George W. Bush Over Obama As Their Commander In Chief — Duane Lester
Maryland Ocare Exchange Has A Net Loss — William Teach
AMAZING VIDEO: Homeless Man Crashes Christian Singer’s Music Video and What Happens Next Is Amazing — John Hawkins
Megyn Kelly answers CAIR’s retraction demand: ‘Well, guess what — you’re not getting it!’ — Michael Dorstewitz
Could Keith Baugues Be The Next Victim Of The Progressive Truth Squad? — William Teach
NewsBusted 4/04/14 — Newsbusted
Gun Laws (Cartoon) — Rick McKee
Stinkburger (Cartoon) — A.F. Branco
Free Speech (Cartoon) — Nate Beeler
Thursday, April 3, 2014
Americans Think ‘Red Dawn’ Is Nonsense… Russians, Not So Much — Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
BULLY UPDATE: Mozilla CEO resigns for support of traditional marriage and not supporting gay marriage — Samuel Gonzalez
Good News: EPA Testing Deadly Pollutants on Humans to Push Obama Admin’s Agenda — Duane Lester
Evil: Middle-aged man ‘held hostage in his home and tattooed with dozens of racial slurs and images’ — Duane Lester
Despite $17.5 Trillion in Debt, Obama Calls for Giving 33% More to United Nations — Duane Lester
Teachers Wallow in White Privilege Conference — Dave Blount
Fort Hood Lesson Learned by Crazed Killer, Not by Those in Charge — Dave Blount
Oklahoma Votes To Repeal Common Core… — Tiffiny Ruegner
Pelosi’s Archbishop in San Francisco: Catholics Like Nancy Pelosi Shouldn’t Receive Communion… — Tiffiny Ruegner
Dad killed his 11-year old girl by drunkenly firing his gun in the air after argument — Tiffiny Ruegner
36,000 Potential Cases Of Voter Fraud In North Carolina In 2012 — William Teach
Affordable: Ocare Could Cost Large Employers Up To $5,900 Extra Per Employee — William Teach
Two More Democrat Senators Have Come Out Against Obama’s Plan to Give Away Control of Internet — John Hawkins
Hundreds of cases of potential voter fraud found in North Carolina — John Hawkins
Obama intimidated top military brass: Agree with policy on gays or resign — Tom Tillison
IPCC Cries Wolf (Cartoon) — Rick McKee
Yee O’ Gun Runner (Cartoon) — A.F. Branco
Wednesday, April 2, 2014
Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich rightly resists calls to resign from LBGT Bullying amid furor over anti-gay marriage donation — Samuel Gonzalez
New York Students Opting Out of Common Core Testing Told To “Sit And Stare”… — Tiffiny Ruegner
New Connecticut Gun Laws Require Citizens to Apply for “Eligibility Certificates” to Purchase Ammunition — Tiffiny Ruegner
Church to Be Converted to Mosque in Syracuse — Dave Blount
$400,000 of Our Money for Camel Statue in Pakistan — Dave Blount
Sarah Palin: Paul Ryan’s “We’ll Increase Spending Now, Cut Spending Later” Budget Is A Joke — Tiffiny Ruegner
Planned Parenthood: Teach 5-8 Year Old Children About Condoms,“Wet Dreams,” Babies Made “When Mommy And Daddy Are Feeling Sexy”… — Tiffiny Ruegner
Ted Cruz Introduces Bill To Prevent Jihadi Terrorists From Entering U.S. As UN Ambassador — Tiffiny Ruegner
Iraqi man weeps as he is accused of beating his wife to death with a tire iron and staged it as a fake HATE CRIME with ‘go home, terrorist’ note — Tiffiny Ruegner
Sharia Law says it’s okay to ‘beat’ your wife ‘lightly’ — Tiffiny Ruegner
THE REAL OBAMACARE SIGN-UP NUMBERS: Only 858,000 Newly Insured Americans Have Paid Their Obamacare Premiums — John Hawkins
Bill McKibben: Climate Scientists Should Go On Strike Or Something — William Teach
Sargent: Why Does Mitch McConnel Want To Take Insurance Away From Kentuckians? — William Teach
Compassionate lib hate mail to leukemia victim: ‘Hope cancer kills you soon!’ — Joe Saunders
Campus Liberals Freak Out Over Justice Scalia’s Announced Visit — Counter Cultured
Obamacare Questions (Cartoon) — Rick McKee
Obamacare Goal (Cartoon) — Nate Beeler
What A Sham (Cartoon) — A.F. Branco
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