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Sunday, August 10, 2014
Child Beheadings, Forced Conversion: Christian genocide is happening right now in Iraq, — Alyssa Lafage
Woman Fends Off Attacker By Crushing His Privates And Chasing Him Off With Shotgun — Ashley Herzog
Teen Arrested In Slaying And Sexual Assault Of 6-Year-Old Trailer Park Neighbor — Ashley Herzog
ISIS Kidnapping Hundreds Of Women To “Satisfy Their Animalistic Urges” — Ashley Herzog
Driver Throws Dog From Moving Car on New Jersey Highway — Warner Todd Huston
Man Buys Every Burger King Pie to Get Even With Mom and Her Out of Control Brat — Warner Todd Huston
Obama Orders Bombing in Iraq Then Goes on Vacation — Warner Todd Huston
What’s happening in Iraq would not have happened under President Romeny — Samuel Gonzalez
Government Fails To Issue “Notices To Appear” To Thousands Of Illegal Alien Minors Apprehended on Southern Border — Alyssa Lafage
Former NFL Linebacker to Blacks: ‘We Have to Do Better’ Than Obama — Alyssa Lafage
Pro-Terrorist Activists March On UN In Protest Of Israel — William Teach
Religion of Peace (Cartoon) — Rick McKee
Obama supporters (Cartoon) — Eric Allie
Iraq Flight Path (Cartoon) — Nate Beeler

Saturday, August 9, 2014
“Your Mom Would Be So Disappointed!”: 6-Year-Old Girl Shames Thieves; Gets Dad’s Bike Back — Ashley Herzog
Woman Who Arranged For Colleague to Be Raped Jailed For 6 Years — Ashley Herzog
“I Won”: Dad’s Chilling Facebook Post After Murdering Wife While Sons Watched — Ashley Herzog
Horror! ISIS Raping Women – Then Put Them Up for Sale… Children Crucified! — Katie McGuire
Eric Holder Was Just Slapped Down By Federal Court Over Voter ID — Katie McGuire
Quietly Pursing a Team: Ritchie Incognito — Katie McGuire
Exotic dancers from Foxhole North to protest topless at church New Beginnings Ministries in Warsaw Ohio — Samuel Gonzalez
There is no crisis that separates President Obama from his vacation — Samuel Gonzalez
Atheists Suing Restaurant for Giving Discounts to Diners Who Pray Before Meals — Warner Todd Huston
Berkeley Pays Clinton Pal $240K a Year to ‘Teach’ About ‘Income Inequality’ — Warner Todd Huston
Texas Middle School Fires Principal for Her English Only Policy — Warner Todd Huston
EPA Chief: Sure, We Need Climate Indoctrination In Schools — William Teach
Obama Weekly Address: Targeted Strikes, Humanitarian Relief In Iraq — William Teach
Obama Poll Limbo (Cartoon) — Rick McKee
Climate Hero (Cartoon) — A.F. Branco
Power Lifting (Cartoon) — A.F. Branco
Dangerous Contagion (Cartoon) — Nate Beeler
Friday, August 8, 2014
Feds Bend CDC Rules to Accomodate Illegals — Ashley Herzog
Mother of Border Patrol Agent Gunned Down By Illegals: “I Will Not Rest Until These Pieces of Sh** Are Dead” — Ashley Herzog
Rocker Gene Simmons Hammers Obama: “I think that our president is not being a leader.” (Video) — Duane Lester
Courtroom Bursts Into Applause When Judge Jails Mother and Grandparents For Starvation of Boy, 8 — Ashley Herzog
ISIS Sweeps The Middle East In A Method Reminiscent of Genghis Khan — Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Polls: Americans Have Had Enough — Dave Blount
Sports Media Liberals Denounce the Diamondbacks — Dave Blount
Squeegee men are back terrorizing NYC streets just the way Al Shapton wants it, Broken Windows removal preview — Samuel Gonzalez
TWO retired four-star generals blast Obama for failing to use ‘decisive’ force in Iraq with ‘pinprick’ attacks for ‘political posturing’ — Samuel Gonzalez
911 Operator Urges an 80-Year-Old Woman to Do the ‘Unthinkable’ During a Home Invasion — Cassy Fiano
Have you noticed the media has plenty to say about dead Palestinian children, but virtually silent about dead Iraqi Christian Children? — Samuel Gonzalez
Voter ID Laws Winning, Obama and Holder Losing — Warner Todd Huston
Border Patrol Agent: Feds are Releasing Murderers Into the US — Cassy Fiano
Mother Sets Husband on Fire For Molesting Her Young Daughter — Cassy Fiano
Obama Doesn’t Want You To Be Cynical — William Teach
Ceasfire Ends, Rockets Fired From Gaza – To Apply Pressure Or Something — William Teach
Russian Bombers Conduct Over 16 Incursions Into US Air Defense Zones in 10 Days — Duane Lester
Face of Evil: Islamic State “Systematically Beheading” Christian Children, Raping Mothers, Hanging Fathers — Duane Lester
Kansas City African American Mom Tiquana Pasco, punches on the White Guy who saved her child from dying in Hot Car she left alone in 90 degree weather (Video) — Samuel Gonzalez
This Week In Quotes: Aug 1 – Aug 7, 2014 — John Hawkins
Thursday, August 7, 2014
Berkeley Professor & Mathmetician: Common Core ‘Will Move U.S. Closer to Bottom in International Ranking’, They Lied About Standards — Tiffiny Ruegner
CDC Refusing to Divulge Where 6 Patients Tested for Ebola are in the US — Warner Todd Huston
Son Cooked Parents And Put Them In Lunch Boxes ‘Like Barbecued Pork’ — Tiffiny Ruegner
Brother of Journolist – Secretive Leftwing Network Redux — Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Liberals Love High Taxes but Don’t Like Paying Them — Dave Blount
Jimmy Carter Sides With Evil Against Israel — Dave Blount
Indian Teen Defends Herself Against Rapist by Cutting Off His Penis, Police Praise Her Courage — Cassy Fiano
John Kerry Tells Africans Not to Create More Farms for Starving Children Because it Will Cause Global Warming — Cassy Fiano
Middle School Bake Sale for WWII Vets Honor Flight Cancelled Due to Michelle Obama’s Healthy Food Mandate — Cassy Fiano
Obama Tells African Leaders The United States Has a Problem with Human Rights — Duane Lester
Sad: Univ. Of Mississippi Suggests Discretion When Using “Ole Miss” Nickname, Because RAAAAACISM — Duane Lester
Marine Pens Open Letter To Hammer Juan Williams For Saying Our Marine Held in Mexican Jail Wasn’t a “Serious Issue” — Duane Lester
Yellow Journalism: New York Daily News Smears 2nd Top Cop Philip Banks , an African American, by Linking to Eric Garner’s Death — Samuel Gonzalez
When It Comes To Illegal Immigration, Obama’s Like Lincoln Or Something — William Teach
Sec State Kerry: Sure, Lots Of African Kids Die Of Hunger, But, Climate Change! — William Teach
PC Infected Military Says ‘No’ to Bible Camp, ‘Yes’ to Gay Pride — Samuel Gonzalez
Definition of Insanity (Cartoon) — A.F. Branco
Wednesday, August 6, 2014
Juan Williams: Marine Held in Mexican Jail Not a “Serious Issue” (Video) — Duane Lester
Border Agent Killed by Illegal Aliens — Duane Lester
Joplin Woman Suing Home Depot for Tornado Deaths — Duane Lester
Opportunist Shapton should recues himself from the Eric Garner case or go on Hiatus from his cable show — Samuel Gonzalez
Climate Criminal Charlie Crist Displays His Hypocrisy and Arrogance — Dave Blount
Couple ‘locked their seven-year-old in an outdoor cage for three WEEKS as punishment for misbehaving’ — Tiffiny Ruegner
Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega Murdered by Illegals Who Had Been Deported Repeatedly — Dave Blount
Evil murderer jailed for life for kicking a toddler so hard for soiling herself that her liver tore into two. — Tiffiny Ruegner
Mother jailed for sex with son, 12, while her lover watched the ‘sex lesson’ — Tiffiny Ruegner
Israeli News Site Poll Asks What Obama Should Get For His Birthday; 48% Say “Envelope of Ebola” — Cassy Fiano
Creepy: The Daily Beast Wants Companies to Sign ‘Loyalty Oaths’ to Obama’s ‘Economic Patriotism’ — Cassy Fiano
Father ‘left his baby boy bleeding on the ground after DUI rollover crash’ — Cassy Fiano
New Nationalized History Curriculum Eliminate Founding Fathers, Teaches Country Built on Hate — Warner Todd Huston
Obama Pushes Wealth Redistribution In Africa — Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Obama Mulls Ways To Force “Economic Patriotism” On Companies Looking To Bail On US Tax Rates — William Teach
Say, Will “Climate Change” Make Ebola Breakouts Worse? — William Teach
My 30 Favorite Tweets For July — John Hawkins
Immigration Disease (Cartoon) — Rick McKee
World In Chaos (Cartoon) — Gary McCoy
LOCAL OH – The FitzGerald Campaign (Cartoon) — Nate Beeler
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