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Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Sad: Memorial for Cop-killer Bigger than the One for the Cop He Killed — Duane Lester
Passers-by drag carjacker out of car he tried to steal from a terrified family – and hold him until cops arrive — Duane Lester
Shotgun Maker Mossberg Moving Operations Out Of Connecticut — Duane Lester
News 12 NJ reporter Sean Bergin unjustifiably suspended by station cowards for telling the truth about ‘young black men’ growing up without fathers — Samuel Gonzalez
Liberal Leaves Hate-Filled Rant On Car of Military Fiancé For Having a “I Love My Soldier” Bumpersticker — Tiffiny Ruegner
BANNED: Chick-fil-A banned from Schools to comply with Michelle Obamas lunch rules — Tiffiny Ruegner
If Chicagoans Would Vote for Commie Karen Lewis, They Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Vote at All — Warner Todd Huston
Illegal alien who has already been deported four times molests 9 year old girl — Tiffiny Ruegner
Study: People Who Worry About Global Warming Use the Most Electricity — Cassy Fiano
‘Poltergeist’ That Trashed Couple’s Home Turns Out to Be Meth Addict Hiding Under the Bed With a Knife — Cassy Fiano
Petition Started to Allow Illegal Immigrant Children to Live at the White House — Cassy Fiano
Environmental Justice – HHS And The EPA’s Catchall for Societal Transformation and Redistribution — Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Dead Children Wash Up Along Rio Grande — Dave Blount
Bowe Bergdahl: Possibly Obama’s Most Potent Weapon in His War Against the US Military — Dave Blount
Obama’s Made The World More Tranquil Or Something — William Teach
Simon: Sure, Parents Should Send Their Kids Alone To The USA — William Teach
Black Chicago Residents Blast Obama For Choosing Illegal Aliens Over Americans — Cassy Fiano
NewsBusted 7/15/14 — Newsbusted
Defensive Shields (Cartoon) — A.F. Branco
Zany Sarah Palin (Cartoon) — Nate Beeler

Monday, July 14, 2014
A Stand-Up Comedian Who’s A Legal Immigrant Answered CNN’s Condescending Question On Illegals Perfectly — Duane Lester
3500 “Minutemen” Troops Converging To “Stop the Invasion” At The Border — Duane Lester
Fed Report: Gays, lesbians more likely to abuse alcohol, smoke, less than 2% of population is Gay — Samuel Gonzalez
Illegal Immigrant Children Are Dying In MASSACRES Because of Obama — Duane Lester
Father arrested for murder after newborn dies after suffering skull fractures, broken ribs, bleeding eyes and brain trauma due to abuse — Tiffiny Ruegner
Immigrant welfare mom says life is ‘very nice’ on welfare and she doesn’t want to leave or go home — Tiffiny Ruegner
Obama Cancels Free Speech in Nebraska — Warner Todd Huston
Pit Bull Shot and Killed in Van by Police Was Actually a Beloved Pet Labrador Waiting for Me to Return, Owner Says — Cassy Fiano
Military Wife Being Called ‘Jihad Barbie’ for Patriotic Photo Responds to Death Wish Against Her Baby — Cassy Fiano
Obama’s Approval Is High Among Muslims, Low Among Christians — Dave Blount
Obama’s Biological Warfare — Dave Blount
NYC Teachers Banned From Classrooms For Sexual-Misconduct Charges Continue To Rake In Hundreds Of Thousands In Salary — Tiffiny Ruegner
I Admit, I’m Christian Because I Need a Crutch And I’m Brainwashed — Rachel Alexander
Not Providing Abortifacients Is Un-Christian Or Something — William Teach
Team Obama Tries To Rally Governors Support For Housing Illegals — William Teach
Justice Dept finally finds ‘real’ scandal; looking at Obama outhouse parade float — Michele Kirk
Sunday, July 13, 2014
Saturday, July 12, 2014
Man Filmed Sleeping During Yankees Game Sues ESPN For $10 Million Because Announcers Made Him Feel “Like a Fatty Cow” — Ashley Herzog
Mother Of Police Officer Killed By Illegal Alien Writes Letter To Obama — Ashley Herzog
Conservative Group’s Lawsuit Seeks Access to TEA Party Targeting Records while Federal Judge orders IRS to explain ‘lost’ Lois Lerner Emails UNDER OATH — Katie McGuire
Adult Illegal Aliens Posing As Children To Enroll In High School — Ashley Herzog
While a Texas grandma was mugged and beaten at Wal-mart, bystanders filmed it with their cell phones instead of helping — Katie McGuire
Women’s Right to Use Meth While Pregnant Defended By ACLU — Katie McGuire
The Office Of Refugee Resettlement – Facilitators For A ‘Manufactured Human Crisis’ — Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Leftists Furious at Photo of Steven Spielberg Next to ‘Dead Animal’ (a Movie Prop Dinosaur) On ‘Jurassic Park’ Movie Set — Warner Todd Huston
Obama’s TSA Giving Plane Rides to Anywhere USA to Illegals Without Valid IDs — Warner Todd Huston
Police Assault Man for Filming Them From His Porch — Warner Todd Huston
TSA Claims Illegals Able To Fly Without Verifiable ID — William Teach
Surprise: Obama Uses Weekly Address To Attack Republicans — William Teach
MPORTANT-CDC says it improperly sent dangerous pathogens in five incidents in past decade, 84 workers exposed last month — Samuel Gonzalez
Illegal Immigrant Voters (Cartoon) — A.F. Branco
Border Security (Cartoon) — Rick McKee
Return of the King James (Cartoon) — Nate Beeler
The buck stops somewhere (Cartoon) — A.F. Branco
Friday, July 11, 2014
Obama Defense Department Issuing Pink Slips to Soldiers Deployed In Afghanistan — Duane Lester
SICK: ‘Left Wing Liberal’ Politician in Virginia Posts Shocking Offer Involving Nude Photos of Texas Cheerleader Who Loves to Hunt — Duane Lester
Lawyer: Man Who Killed Wife Over Lentil Dinner Should Be Released Early Because There’s No Pakistani Food in Prison — Ashley Herzog
Obama Responds to Calls For His Impeachment: “Really? For What?” — Cassy Fiano
A Teen Girl Was Raped, and It Was Heartbreaking; But What Happened Next is Infuriating — Cassy Fiano
Republican Congressman Files Resolution Calling Arrest of Lois Lerner — Duane Lester
Driver Who Hit Jogger, Catapulting Her 78 Feet, Was Driving With Suspended License After Causing Ten Other Accidents — Ashley Herzog
Australian Judge Says Incest May No Longer Be Taboo — Ashley Herzog
Peach Farm Crushed by Tyrannical EPA — Dave Blount
Judge Takes the Next Step, Attempts to Normalize Incest — Dave Blount
Mexico Made a Deal to Send More Illegal Immigrants to the US — Cassy Fiano
Obama Staff: #TheBearIsLoose” Or Something — William Teach
IRS Ordered To Explain “Lost Emails” Under Oath — William Teach
This Week In Quotes: July 4 – July 10 — John Hawkins
Obama Fiddles (Cartoon) — Rick McKee
Emergency Immigration Funding (Cartoon) — Nate Beeler
Scratch n’ Shift (Cartoon) — A.F. Branco
NewsBusted 7/11/14 — Newsbusted
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