Tim Scott Celebrates His Birthday…And a Whole Lot More

[The above photo is of me and Tim Scott.]

This past Friday evening, a party was thrown in honor of Tim Scott’s forty-fifth birthday. As many of you are already aware, Mr. Scott recently won the Republican nomination for South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District after a grueling and hard-fought race–therefore, this party was long over due. Many cool and interesting people were there, and a great time was had by all (of course). Let’s have a look at some of the pictures from the party, shall we?

The above picture is of me and two of Tim Scott’s aides (Brandon Rowland on the right in the white shirt and Dan Asdot on the left in the blue shirt)–who are real gentlemen, I might add.

The above photo is of me (with a piece of birthday cake in my hand) and Katherine Jenerette. She was one of Tim Scott’s primary opponents who graciously endorsed him. She has been called “the Sarah Palin of the South” by the liberal blogs (probably because she’s so obviously attractive). Jenerette has an honorable record as a Persian Gulf War veteran and is currently a US Army Reserve Officer. She is a class act, and I’m thinking that she probably will have a great political future in SC one day, but I digress.

Above is obviously a picture of Tim Scott cutting his birthday cake.

Above is a picture of my husband and me with Tim Scott (having a great time chatting him up).

Above is a picture of Tim Scott graciously signing one of his campaign signs for one of his guests. (In the background, you can see a picture of one of Tim Scott’s aides, Jay Henderson, talking to one of Mr. Scott’s many volunteers.)

Above is a picture of Tim Scott with the lovely Katherine Jenerette.

And finally, above is a picture of me and Tim Scott’s supporters obviously having a grand old time.

Now, I have previously discussed, in great detail, Tim Scott’s Inspirational Life Story. Mr. Scott grew up in the projects of North Charleston and was raised my a single mother who worked two jobs to keep him and his brother off of welfare. Scott was failing out of high school until he found a mentor by the name of John Moniz (a local Chick-fil-A owner who told Tim that, “You can think your way out of poverty”).

And now, well, Tim Scott is perched to become the first African-American Republican US Congressman from SC since Reconstruction. In other words, Tim Scott has overcome a whole lot of obstacles to get where he is now–and he’s going to be great for SC, as well as for the rest of the country. (Tim Scott is one of only around twenty candidates to have been endorsed by the Club for Growth.) Towards the end of the party, I asked Mr. Scott what would be his guiding philosophy if and when he gets to Congress. He replied that, “Americans don’t want a Republican solution, and they don’t want a Democrat solution–they want a conservative, American solution undergirded by constitutional principles.” Friday night, Tim Scott had a lot to celebrate–scratch that–we all had a lot to celebrate.

PS–If you want to contribute to Tim Scott’s campaign, then PLEASE CLICK HERE. Thank you.

This column was originally posted at The Minority Report and 73 Wire.

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