Rick Santorum’s Sweep Changes the Race

As the final Colorado vote counts were coming in late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning, confirming that Rick Santorum scored a hat trick against his Republican competitors, it was becoming clear that a sea change is occurring within the GOP race.

More than before, it’s now arguable that the inevitability of Mitt Romney’s candidacy is a fallacy. This opinion has been long espoused by Republican grassroots activists across the country. Now there are numbers to back it up.

Santorum has now won four out of the eight contests. He has victories in four contests compared to three for Romney. He beat Romney by 30 points in the key manufacturing Battleground State of Missouri.

Rick Santorum also accomplished another key task on Tuesday February 7, 2012. He dispelled the myth that Newt Gingrich is the only Conservative alternative to Mitt Romney. Of the four remaining candidates, the voters in Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado appeared to agree that Santorum has the most consistent Conservative track record on the issues.

Issues…remember them? Not, whose investments were most intricately woven into the Fannie Mae fabric or whose money a trustee handles. Real issues, not, who spent the most money destroying their opponents with dug up half-truth dirt.

Real issues.

Santorum has stuck to the issues that matter. Issues like supporting the exceptional American idea of self-governance, personal responsibility and individual liberty. Issues like reigniting America’s economy, creating jobs and reducing our dependence on OPEC by developing domestic energy. Like reducing America’s trade imbalance while increasing IRS revenues by implementing tax policies that stimulate job creation within the manufacturing sector. Like reducing spending, lowering taxes and cutting regulations. Like national and border security. Issues like Second Amendment rights. Issues like freedom of religion.

In all four of his victories, candidate Santorum compensated for his relative lack of funds by spending time talking with people and listening to their concerns.

What a concept, a presidential candidate who actually speaks with and listens to the people. Instead of taking into a microphone, giving a speech filled with platitudes and applause lines before moving on to the next fund raising photo op campaign stop.

Rick Santorum’s sweep changes the race on many levels and in many ways. It shows that Mitt Romney is not necessarily the inevitable GOP candidate. It indicates that the Conservative alternative is not presumably Newt Gingrich. It demonstrates that despite his almost fanatically devoted loyal following, Ron Paul can be beaten in Caucus State races. It shows that candidates can win by running a positive campaign based on real issues that concern the electorate. That a candidate can win by talking with and listening to the voters instead of talking at them.

Most importantly, it shows that We The People will decide who the GOP nominee and eventual President will be, not the liberally biased media, not establishment Republicans, not SuperPACs, not Wall Street bankers, not Chicago style intimidation, not George Soros, not the Koch brothers.

Despite massive amounts of power, money and influence seeking it’s destruction, it’s not yet time for government of the people, by the people and for the people to perish from the earth.


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