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The Top 10 Most Watched Videos From Viral Footage And The Top 20 Most Clicked, Non-Eye Candy, Links From Linkiest For November

Written By : John Hawkins
December 3, 2009

The Top 10 Most Watched Videos From Viral Footage In November


From Viral Footage:

10) Hot Girl Smash! (sort of)

9) Ten Things a Gynecologist Should Not Do (Funny)

8) Korean Baseball Weirdness (WTH are they doing?)

7) SNL Nails Obama on Fiscal Policy (h/t Exurban Jon)

6) Horse Gets Revenge On Girl Harassing Him

5) Fork Lift Accident Brings Down The Warehouse. Hat tip to Madville for the video.

Fork Lift Accident Brings Down The Warehouse – Watch more Funny Videos

4) The Only Woman Who Has Ever Made Watching Soccer Enjoyable For Me

3) 33 of the best military combat videos from Afghanistan and Iraq spliced together into the most epic war video of all-time.

2) The most unbelievable car accident you have ever seen (This can’t be real, can it?)

UnbelievableThe funniest videos are a click away

1) Little girl’s reaction to her father surprising her after returning from Iraq (This is must watch)

The Return from IraqCelebrity bloopers here

The Top 20 Non-Eye Candy Links For Linkiest In November

From Linkiest:

20) Cracked: The 11 most bad@ss last words ever uttered

19) Pirate’s Cove: Awwwwwwwwww! (22 Images)

18) theChive: What the F?! (24 photos)

17) Kontraband: The problem with internet girlfriends (2 pictures and a note)

16) Luiga: When I grow up, I want to be like mommy (funny pic)

15) IMGUR: Funny note on a car window (Pic)

14) Super Tremendous: The 15 funniest Thanksgiving photos of all-time

13) Westworld: Five things you shouldn’t be able to buy online, but can

12) IMAO: What if Obama was President in 1989 (Photoshop)

11) Dr. Melissa Clouthier: Reebok reduces women to tits and @ss

10) YouTango: 5 female hints guys don’t get

9) Divine Caroline: Ten things women forget to do during sex (This is a bit risque)

8) SnappedShot: Bumper-sticker outrage of the day

7) Hillbuzz: We are very close to no longer being Democrats

6) Super Tremendous: The 20 funniest photoshopped Barack Obama photos

5) Manofest: The 20 funniest “priceless” photos of all-time

4) theChive: Uncanny total look-a-likes (18 photos) -

3) Viral Footage: Video: The most unbelievable car accident you have ever seen (This can’t be real, can it?)

2) theChive: Your outfit it’s, um…not good (15 photos)

1) Viral Footage: Video: The only woman who has ever made watching soccer enjoyable for me

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