7 Reasons Obama’s Illegal Amnesty For Under 30 Illegals Is Terrible Policy

1) It’s unquestionably illegal for Barack Obama to issue permits allowing young illegals to work. That would require an act of Congress since it would entail a change in the existing law.

2) Refusing to enforce the existing law sets a terrible precedent. Using the same tactic Mitt Romney could create a flat tax by telling the IRS not to go after anyone who pays at least 18% of their income in taxes or end the death tax by telling the IRS not to enforce it.

3) This policy is being implemented by the President without any legal authority behind it. Mitt Romney could conceivably take the names of every person who applies for a work permit and use the information to have them deported. How can you have any sort of consistent policy under those circumstances?

4) There is no realistic way that hundreds of thousands, if not millions of illegal aliens, many of whom are using phony names and documentation, can have their identities reliably verified by the government.

5) This is being billed as a way to help “children,” but people as old as 30 are eligible. If you’re 30 years old and eligible, that means you’ve been living here illegally as an adult for 12 years. No one who has done that deserves to be given the gift of American citizenship.

6) By catering to illegals, Obama will encourage millions more illegals to surge over the border in hopes that they, too, will either be able to get in on this amnesty or another one.

7) We have an unemployment rate that’s already over 8%. Why would we want to give hundreds of thousands, if not million of illegals permission to compete with Americans for jobs when so many citizens are already out of work?

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