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Liberal Feminists Are Apparently Very Confused About Gender

Written By : John Hawkins
April 12, 2011

Gender IS NOT a social construct. Let me repeat that, because it’s important. Gender IS NOT a social construct. In fact, believing that gender is just a social construct is an exceptionally stupid belief that ironically, is often held by very smart people.


It’s surprisingly similar in many ways to the error that Leftists make with communism. The thinking there goes that mankind’s behavior can be changed by conditioning. That’s true. Unfortunately, Leftists came to believe that with enough conditioning, we could completely rewrite the way human beings behaved. That’s not true and untold misery was caused by the attempt.

With gender, it’s true that some of it is merely a social construct. In other words, what an American, a member of the Maasai tribe, and a Saudi consider to be “manly” and “feminine” may be quite different. Few people would probably argue that point. The problem comes in when you start to believe that because SOME of gender is a social construct, then all of it must be a social construct. Once you start to believe that sort of ridiculous nonsense, then it becomes possible to pen crazypants Orwellian screeds like this one from Lori at Feministing.

Stop saying and stop thinking that abortion is a womenís issue.

Thatís it. Pretty simple right? But incredibly important.

Cause, the thing is, itís not just women that have abortions

Trans men have abortions. Gender queer people have abortions. Two spirit people have abortions. People who do not fit into the box of Ďwomaní have abortions.

This is the reality we live in, and the more we pretend otherwise, the more dangerous it is for other people, and the more they are excluded by the movement.

Jos also made a really good point on the panel that I want to highlight here.

Gender is this thing that we construct out of a million different characteristics. The way we hold our hands. The length of our hair. The shape of our face. What we wear. Our voices. But then, for some reason, when we got to the question of what is it really, we go to what lives between your legs. Even though thatís not how we make gender and thatís not how gender works. Itís in that assumption that gender lives in our crotches, that we end up erasing the reality that men can have abortions, men can get pregnant and give birth.

Is there someone out there who can translate that silliness from Berkeley speak into English, please? Wait, nevermind because knowing what “trans men,” “gender queer people,” and “two spirit people” are will simply waste space that could be used to remember something more important. Besides, if you really believe that†“men can get pregnant and give birth,” then you’re the one who needs to get up to speed, not the rest of the human race.

The person who wrote this post is deeply confused and sadly, she’s not alone. It’s this sort of thinking that leads people to believe they can actually change their sex, when they’re really only mutilating themselves because of their severe mental illness. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news that’s obvious to pretty much the whole rest of the human race, but gender isn’t some arbitrary set of rules made up by the patriarchy.

Hat tip to That’s What She Said for pointing out the post.

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